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... to do all the weird shit possible that comes to my mind. I know it sounds a bit disturbing, but by that, I actually mean that I closed the top tier ( the one that was guaranteed a two-page comic strip for patrons of that tier) - in order for me to draw my own stuff. So here's what is coming :

  • Star Wars comic for my patrons ( until the end of this month will launch the first few pages of "princess Leia's story"
  • Bunch of pinups in different styles - based on the result of polls thrown on Twitter and inside my Patreon: patrons only see all the stuff - check what's up on my Twitter : https://twitter.com/MavisRooder
  • From June will renew my work on "Greek Myths", which is free to see, on itch: https://dave-rooder.itch.io/dave-rooders-greek-myths-and-legends, however, I won't start work on it before the beginning of June. Will keep myself in shape by doing short animated loops, pinups, etc.
  • I also may re-new my work on "Nicholas The bard".
  • My Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/mavis

With all said I'm feeling the energy to work and create a lot of stuff. Nothing "weird" by the meaning of something bad, or controversial... just my stuff. I've unleashed myself.


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Mavis Draws

Hi guys,

I'm Dave and I draw mostly NSFW comics and illustrations, but sometimes I come with mainstream works.

I am "specializing" in drawing popular characters from : games, comics, movies and anime - and I draw them my style. Sometimes I do crispy gif animation loops on Krita, for fun.

I'd like to invite you to check my site for examples: http://www.mavisdraws.com/ -

For my comics or funny caricatures I get my inspiration from memes, funny videos and all around the internet.

Be warned for my comics : I don't create 100% fap material, I'm aiming at the comedy.

As you might guess I do commission works - and that's how I make my money. If you're interested to commission me please check my pricing and info: http://www.mavisdraws.com/commission-me/ , but before you should do that, please, please read carefully my list of donts: http://www.mavisdraws.com/list-of-donts/

HOWEVER , I'm more interested in getting my site going than taking a commissions - so guys I'd appreciate if you come and check my stuff at http://www.mavisdraws.com/ , browse it around and leave a comment - you don't have to register in order to leave anonymous comment.

Those few who enjoy my stuff may become my patrons: https://www.patreon.com/mavis - and thus they'll support the site and me.

If you come and check my goals on patreon, you might see that my general goal is to show everything I'd do outside - on mavisdraws.com, while patreon to remain just a tip jar as it should be.

Again make sure to read the list of donts before commissioning or pledging :


In general I'd be happy to read your comments on my site ! :-)

Thanks for reading ,

Dave /"Mavis"/ Rooder



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