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I suppose some of you already saw that comic of mine - it reached 14 pages so far /and 17 pages of it on my patreon/.

Comments are very important to me - even if I don't respond to every I read them - I read them all. I found that someone pulled "Nicholas" from my site and uploaded it on e-hentai. (someone told me that this forum is one of the most toxic spots on the internet after 4chan /with the last I do have personal experience, but the fun fact is: I got a few patrons from there who are still with me up to this date). Anyhoo: I'm grateful to the guy who uploaded "Nicholas the Bard" on e-hentai. The comic has a relatively high score in there ( but that don't matter - really since only 180 people saw it).

Here's my response on some of those comments: /for some reason I was not able to respond to them in there anymore.


I really want to work on this comic but there are too many factors that I have to deal with before I should have the ability to work on "Nicholas". I am a family guy - got kids and bills - and whatever it happens I must do the pay jobs first.

Which is taking me away from original comics I could and I should make.

If I should be working on "Nicholas", I won't be able to make any money for the month.

if I should be working on commissions, I won't be able to work on "Nicholas" or other ideas I have.

The talking "do what your heart desires" is not an option - I'm living on Earth and the food and bills are paid with money, not with passion and exposure, and I do what I must do. When there's time for "Nicholas" I make a page.

So this all was regarding: why I don't update it regularly.


I couldn't agree more. I have to say I tried this before: few times - and it didn't went well.

  1. The first time the guy wanted $150 /h and send me a contract that he demanded from me to sign quickly, otherwise he'll sue me for not fulfilling my "part" of " our deal". Since we didn't cut a deal - he then wanted to become a partner . The guy was a patron of $1, who was there for 3 hrs. I refused and the guy wanted $200 or he'll pull out my content. Because of him and other similar like him, I changed my patreon account to charge people upfront. I also show most of my content out on www.mavisdraws.com - the content you don't see now - will be pulled out and shown for free after a while - by me.
  2. The second guy was patron again, but he didn't like the idea that my characters curse a lot or saying words like " Oh God" and he wanted me to change the scenario to something more acceptable to his understanding. I silently stopped sharing my worksheets with them.
  3. The third guy was a random dude from imgur. He was excited to help me /no money involved/ - but he would be able to check my scenario after work. I asked him to poke me when he finishes work. He sent me message after 2 months asking me to send my comic now, because he's available :-) By that time I've made 3 or 4 silly comics. I told them "farewell".
  4. I asked scorp29, who's helping me with the site /and sometimes he's helping with the site of another artist, very known on the internet/. Scorp laughed and said " my English is a not good, mon amie". lol.
  5. There was another guy who's mistaken my friendly attitude as a sign that I need " a master to tell me what I must draw" and whatnot.
  6. And last but not least - there was a guy who was alright

Basically, I didn't have luck in finding a guy to help me with proof of reading and probably won't find any time soon.

Just to say I'm NOT looking for one, so don't message me about it - like I said - I'm not looking for help.

But I'm thinking about making a separate, another patreon account for "Nicholas". I'm aware that it's too early to make one, but still tell me what you think , give me your vote, share your opinion.



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