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Posted by MavisRooder - 1 day ago

Yeah. I'm having it again, but this time it's the newest version. It comes with: coughs, headaches, diarrhea, and tons of snot. Sometimes it changes diarrhea with high-speed barf. It's amazing how they made it so good.

The doctor said: It doesn't care that you have a vaccine or if you went through it before - it's a new one.

Now it's time to say that having a vaccine might not save you from getting it - but at least will help you to get through it more easily.


Posted by MavisRooder - 3 weeks ago

To those who care,

I'm going to renew the "Nuclear Stories", but this time I am going to start it differently with a more accepting style. Putting it simply: I can't afford to have an opinion of my own. I don't have $120 mil in order to say openly what it's on my mind - like Richard Gere does.

Long story short, with not many details. My "original" first 2 pages with the porn parody comic based on the Fallout game made angry "some" people. No, it wasn't something illegal - or not at least by the laws of Europe or USA.

A lot of people complained and it escalated to high levels: unexpected and impossible to understand.

  1. I'm not a popular artist( yes, I'm well aware of that) but still it got me this far. Why ?!
  2. The results were bad. Some would say that there's no such thing as bad advertising, but in my case, there was no advertising. They just did what I'll describe below.
  3. I was not able to react or do anything in my defense.
  4. That was a silly porn comic and still, it turned out to be a political agenda or however they understood it.

I won't say who they are - I'm not a political artist. I want to make a living with drawing naughty cartoons featuring my own characters or known popular characters... anyways,.

The results were: my site was taken down for 4-5 hrs. I had a talk with the support - they told me the reason is illegal content. I asked them to check the site, they did and my site went back online once again with apologies. Then I got an e-mail from someone claiming to be regional CEO of the hosting company / and they later denied that they sent me such kind of e-mails/.

The e-mail was friendly and was asking me to take down only those two pages because some of the co-owners do not want to upset their partners - it shouldn't be a big deal - only two drawings, I can easily do a new one, but if possible not to draw or include that exact thing I did. I responded to this e-mail but I never got an answer back, then my e-mail client returned my e-mails because the email address/recipient didn't exist. When I wrote to the support I got a response that there's no such kind of CEO in their company. Yet as friendly advice it'll be better for me not to get troubles for nothing - after all: the holidays were coming. From Twitter, these two twits were censured (for violation of the community things or whatever)- but this time I didn't bother to ask them. I had nearly 800 followers on Twitter - it's not that much but I'm working on this. Immediately after the twits were deleted those went down to 600 or something... 200 people go away on a command ? And some of my fewer patrons went away with a complaint: He draws things that are not funny but are very offensive. I got hate two e-mails. And all of that for only two pages.

So... I just deleted these two pages - from my site, my Twitter (those twits are already deleted), from hentai foundry, from my patreon and from here - just in case. I just froze the project completely. I deleted my previous "rant" here as well.... we'll never know. And things went back to "normal". Check my twitter. It has again 850 followers. It was like I was put on a pause.

As far as I remember there was one response from a user over here on NG, who was saying something about these people - it was like: They don't have a choice.

My answer is there's always a choice: France, 5 May 1789 is a good example. But fuck it. Like I said I'm not Richard Gere and I need the money and the site.

A Conspiracy Theory here is not valid. There's no conspiracy. I've been told not to mock a specific thing, despite my claims that this is 100% based on the game story, which is absolutely fictional and this is a comic - therefore should not be taken seriously, but yet... Do you remember Charlie Hebdo - people died because other people didn't have a sense of humor and the satire is offensive.

BTW /Edit/ : some of my patrons were aware of what was happening. I've got advised to change the comic and start a brand new. And I am doing exactly this. It's safe.

Happy New Year, btw.


Posted by MavisRooder - April 2nd, 2021

Being sick from Covid means there's moments when sometimes I'm good. During those moments I draw stuff.

With that said, I have renewed my work on "Nicholas The Bard".

Guys - it'll be awesome if you leave a comment on my site : the registration is optional, which means you can be anonymous and not register at all.



Posted by MavisRooder - March 21st, 2021

My beloved one has it. She's sick. I guess I'm infected as well.

Throat hurts, dry cough, chest pains, muscle pains.

I'm not going to accept any works and commissions the next month - hopefully , covid will go away and disappear.

She started with medications, but I haven't done that yet.

Despite all this, I will continue working on my own projects - on patreon.

See you in May.



Posted by MavisRooder - December 31st, 2020

I suppose some of you already saw that comic of mine - it reached 14 pages so far /and 17 pages of it on my patreon/.

Comments are very important to me - even if I don't respond to every I read them - I read them all. I found that someone pulled "Nicholas" from my site and uploaded it on e-hentai. (someone told me that this forum is one of the most toxic spots on the internet after 4chan /with the last I do have personal experience, but the fun fact is: I got a few patrons from there who are still with me up to this date). Anyhoo: I'm grateful to the guy who uploaded "Nicholas the Bard" on e-hentai. The comic has a relatively high score in there ( but that don't matter - really since only 180 people saw it).

Here's my response on some of those comments: /for some reason I was not able to respond to them in there anymore.


I really want to work on this comic but there are too many factors that I have to deal with before I should have the ability to work on "Nicholas". I am a family guy - got kids and bills - and whatever it happens I must do the pay jobs first.

Which is taking me away from original comics I could and I should make.

If I should be working on "Nicholas", I won't be able to make any money for the month.

if I should be working on commissions, I won't be able to work on "Nicholas" or other ideas I have.

The talking "do what your heart desires" is not an option - I'm living on Earth and the food and bills are paid with money, not with passion and exposure, and I do what I must do. When there's time for "Nicholas" I make a page.

So this all was regarding: why I don't update it regularly.


I couldn't agree more. I have to say I tried this before: few times - and it didn't went well.

  1. The first time the guy wanted $150 /h and send me a contract that he demanded from me to sign quickly, otherwise he'll sue me for not fulfilling my "part" of " our deal". Since we didn't cut a deal - he then wanted to become a partner . The guy was a patron of $1, who was there for 3 hrs. I refused and the guy wanted $200 or he'll pull out my content. Because of him and other similar like him, I changed my patreon account to charge people upfront. I also show most of my content out on www.mavisdraws.com - the content you don't see now - will be pulled out and shown for free after a while - by me.
  2. The second guy was patron again, but he didn't like the idea that my characters curse a lot or saying words like " Oh God" and he wanted me to change the scenario to something more acceptable to his understanding. I silently stopped sharing my worksheets with them.
  3. The third guy was a random dude from imgur. He was excited to help me /no money involved/ - but he would be able to check my scenario after work. I asked him to poke me when he finishes work. He sent me message after 2 months asking me to send my comic now, because he's available :-) By that time I've made 3 or 4 silly comics. I told them "farewell".
  4. I asked scorp29, who's helping me with the site /and sometimes he's helping with the site of another artist, very known on the internet/. Scorp laughed and said " my English is a not good, mon amie". lol.
  5. There was another guy who's mistaken my friendly attitude as a sign that I need " a master to tell me what I must draw" and whatnot.
  6. And last but not least - there was a guy who was alright

Basically, I didn't have luck in finding a guy to help me with proof of reading and probably won't find any time soon.

Just to say I'm NOT looking for one, so don't message me about it - like I said - I'm not looking for help.

But I'm thinking about making a separate, another patreon account for "Nicholas". I'm aware that it's too early to make one, but still tell me what you think , give me your vote, share your opinion.



Posted by MavisRooder - October 28th, 2020

https://twitter.com/Dave82382154 - Heyo guys - I've been busy lately - doing mostly NSFW commissions...

Today I made this - since I'm watching a X-files - I'm currently at season finale.



Posted by MavisRooder - October 20th, 2020

Sometimes we need an upvote - for the efforts we make. I think it's not about the content creators only. It's about everything - about everyday's deeds. We go to work, we do dishes, we fix the roof, take care of the kids/if any/, we walk the dog, clean the house, we cook.

A "Thank You" - is the Upvote everyone needs at least once a week.

Try telling this to the person you live with. It works. https://twitter.com/Dave82382154



Posted by MavisRooder - October 17th, 2020



Posted by MavisRooder - September 29th, 2020


Posted by MavisRooder - September 24th, 2020

Made a "funny" to be animation and uploaded it on imgur.