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Posted by MavisRooder - June 3rd, 2019


pokemon girls May and Rosaiu_31246_1266894.jpg

Sakura from Street Fighter part 1


Sakura from Street Fighter #2


Posted by MavisRooder - March 5th, 2019

I couldn't help but notice the low score that the first page of that comic achieved. Also few guys stopped following - some even wrote me messages about it - accusing me of being disgusting.

How so ?!?

" Mavis - I started to follow you because you were doing real art. Even the comics you showed with the moms and kids are funny and inspiring. But the last one shows that you went out of the way of art. This is not art. Art is not shit and farts.

it's not funny to mockup the artists and people ! You're no better than Shadman - so fuck you and him and I hope you die. Your disgusting"

I consider myself as an artist - I'm self taught, but still I am an artist. The art is art t because it has no boundaries - if you're there to put boundaries on artists then you're no better than Idi Amin or any other known dictator. In Nazi Germany and Soviet Union those artists who drew what their leader wanted were leaving a good life. The other were shot dead, gassed, sent on exhile to die in camps.

I didn't mocked any artist - at least not on the first page YET ! But will do it. No names involved.There will be no any real person in fact - simply because I don't know any of the artists around in person.

I don't draw shit and farts - as you can see in my gallery. In that case I wanted to show that some people are hitting "the bottom" . About real art before the shitting rhino page - how come the porn appeared to be a real art to someone ?!

I drew tentacles,

I'm not Shadman and I don't really want to be like him. In fact I'm like 20 years older than him / I'm 42/.

I can only admire his success and the way he's organizing his things - always has something to tell and show- he has the power and ability to draw and lead the people to which ever direction he wants. He's turning himself into institution. An underground institution ! So only but respect to him. About the content he produces - well - that's another thing to talk - still I talk about the way he does the stuff, not the content he makes. I can only dream to be inspiration to people like he is, BUT you'll never know. Also I hate masks.

Just saying - I don't know him - nor he does know anything about me.

You wrote "your disgusting" - My original language is not English, but "My disgusting " what ??? I'm missing the point in here , but I suspect that you're or /you are / accusing me of being disgusting without even knowing me, judging me by my art - or by a single comic page and made conclusions about my habbits and desires and what I do. That's great. From FBI they still hire psychics. I suggest you to apply in there.

I drew something - people reacted badly- downvoted. That's fine. BUT Guys, Please don't send me e-mails with unwanted opinions. If I want your opinion I'd be specific about it - and will ask below the submission something like: what do you think , or something similar- and definitely won't give my e-mail. I use the e-mail to accept commissions. And that's all. Let's keep it that way.

I don't take that kinds of e-mails to me as a favor of some sort. Use the comments instead - the comment under the submission. I will make sure to respond as soon as I read it.

Oh wait - you don't comment under "A" rated submissions.... CHICKEN !



Posted by MavisRooder - December 16th, 2018

Yo wassup dudes and dudettes!

To those of you who wish to get a drawing from me - send me a PM here for inquiry about a commission - and for additional details - how the commission should go.

I believe that I'm pretty affordable for the results I offer - if you haven't checked my illustrations yet - do that in my gallery here.

I draw mostly NSFW but I'm okay to draw SFW stuff. In all the ways the price is as follows :
1 character $25 
Every next in the same drawing +$15.
/Please no more than 4 characters in one drawing - or I'm gonna explode of overwork, or the guys who wait after will explode because of impatience. /
Paypal only.





Posted by MavisRooder - December 9th, 2018

This is the second comic strip that  I go into an area I am trying not to step into - for not being "my cup of tea".
Then why do I do it ? For attention, for my own sake - for fun, but basically to see my patrons reactions.
I've stretched the story into whole 37 pages - which could be really annoying to read by the people.
I should learn how to tell stories in short pages.


Posted by MavisRooder - September 17th, 2018

Sadly - the "Witcher" comic didn't get the interest of the "public". So far because of the weird and funny comics, I'm getting mostly commissioned inquiries and "pats" on the shoulder. 
Sadly - again - the school schedule of my kids will change my own schedule and that will affect my commission jobs - by reducing my time and presence at home significantly.
That's why Im trying to "collect" as much patrons as possible - and the only possible way for me to do that is to draw comics.


Posted by MavisRooder - July 27th, 2018

I'm currently reading "The Last Wish" by Andrzej Sapkowski - the author of Geralt of Rivia, the Witcher. I also play the Wild Hunt, so I'm kinda "infected".
Now to the point. I'm going by the book - the way it was written - like a fairy tale book - the chapters are not connected to each other - they are like separate stories and that gives me the option to separate every story into a different comic issue. This could be a long-term project. I'm intending to finish the first chapter - and illustrate it into an entire comic strip. The comic will contain violence and explicit sex scenes - so no little kids are allowed! Of course, I'm not affiliated to Mr. Sapkowski or the gaming studio or any studio that produces the comics with the Witcher's label. I'm just a fan, nothing more. I'm intending to finish the first chapter and finish the entire comic - which will be explicit - so far I made up to 6 pages - the first to see the pages will be $5 patrons. 

Since I'm not the owner to the characters I cannot sell the comic and I don't intend to do that - I'm going to show out all the pages for free on my site: www.mavisdraws.com - except for the pages that contain sex. That all in order to avoid the copyrights troubles or problems - so guys - keep that in mind - I'm not advertising the character, but my skills and efforts - if you wish me to proceed my work on that comic - and you choose to pledge some cash - you're doing it because you want me to do that - as personal supporter. 
I've posted a goal on my patreon: www.patreon.com/mavis - it's the first goal - if I reach it - I will upload every page /including the explicit/ outside - and thus I'll get your support and people will be able to see all the stuff - outside.

So consider becoming a supporter of my work on the Witcher by pledging on www.patreon.com/mavis - and let me know that you came to support my work on that on DM.

Now - about the art style: The hardcore game fans will probably be unhappy - where's his beard - he doesn't look like him, his armor, his swords, his horse, etc.
This is my own take on Geralt. The horse can be different in each issue - he has many horses and changes them - but he name them all the same: Plotka/or Roach/. I haven't decided yet which name I should use. His clothing, haircut, a beard can and will be different too. I choose this style because it's faster for me to work with lines - I already started another work on another comic - and the Witcher idea came "out of nowhere".

Once again - www.patreon.com/mavis

Posted by MavisRooder - May 11th, 2018

Mydirtydrawings.com is no more ... now it's mavisdraws.com


Posted by MavisRooder - April 30th, 2018

Now a question: I'm thinking about to make such kind of looping and moving graphics as requests for patrons. Up to 2 popular characters from comics, movies or games in the same drawing.
This will a request, not a commissioned work so the guys won't be able to ask for changes - the same manner as I do with the illustration requests for top tiers (the people who pledge $10 ) and 12 of them are able to request an illustration with up to 4 characters in it.

The pledge cannot be too low: simply because it'll take me a lot of time to work on that and I have plenty of other works to work on. Also it won't be very cool to have one and same patron to ask for their own thing only to be "moved around" month after month - without causing a major uplift from the rest.

The pledge cannot be too high: simply because the animation is not that smooth and the quality is not top notch - hey I have eyes too and I do understand what I offer, yet I believe I'm not to be bashed and thrown away in the trash bin either. Also it has to be affordable, achievable and the patron not to be quite happy with the result - sadly that won't happen on 100%, but I'm fighting for a higher score of satisfaction.

So the rewards I currently have are : 

$1 - people are able to see every illustration I do + access to the special pricing
$5 - all the above + comic strips I do, and to vote
$10 - all the above + chance to 12 of them to get 12 different illustrations as request included in their patronage every month.

And specification of the new reward option: 

A sequence of images/animated gif/ that loops- with up to 2 popular characters from games, movies or comics - moving, shagging or whatsoever. The patron is sending reference image and waits for the result. Based on that I'm just uploading the image for the patrons to see it first.

Clarification: Requests are not paid jobs. These are part of the rewards and my way to show my gratitude towards the people who chose to support me. That's the point of supporting someone on patreon.
Since those are not paid jobs - the patron who's requesting is not able to ask for changes or reviews.
At the end the surprise good or bad is on the patron's side.
NOW - to reduce the unpleasantries - I'm asking the patrons to send me a detailed description and a lot of references of what they wish to see. Even reference to known characters - like Batman - we all know who he is and how he looks, but through the years they changed his appearance quite often - a reference photo is worth thousands of words. The same should be valid to the animated request.


Posted by MavisRooder - April 2nd, 2018

Guys - some weird news.
My recent decision to work on this comic strip led to a series of "hits" towards my "financial stability".
I've noticed the positive comments of the people - of course, some other guys pulled the pages and upload those on forums around, but they were good sports and gave credits to me and my page - which is awesome and I'm thankful. The score the comic got was pretty high.
To those who don't know - aside from the cheap commissioned works - I was doing some paid jobs for other websites.
One of the major commissioners who was commissioning me to draw exclusive pinups for their site (means I don't own the drawings, and I get paid even not to put my signature below - but the pay was good and on time)Just before you ask what's the secrecy about those pinups - it was pinup artworks of famous celebrities wearing leather suits and that's that. I will not give the name of the site of that guy /people/organization.
The tone of the e-mail conversation was friendly - but basically - they gave compliments on the idea and "asked" if I'd be interested to continue work on "Deep space" and to be paid for it BUT - the only condition is: NOT to show it anywhere else but on their website only. Not on my patreon, not on my site - not on Hentai Foundry or anywhere - but on their site.  Also, they said that they have a writer who will work on the scenario and I'll just have to draw it.
I told them that the comic strip is my own creation and the conditions they put are not to my liking. Despite the need for more additional incomes I politely declined their offer and said that I prefer to proceed our work as usual. The response this time was harsh but basically was something like : " If you don't want to work as we say - we won't work at all. There are plenty of hungry artists around. " I was called "miserable fag" aside of that.
I didn't respond back and that clearly was the end of our conversations and relationship in future.
Another site I used to do some funny works noticed that I do comic and told me they want me to draw something like this to them.
I responded that I will not be having enough energy to do that - even if I wanted and some days later they said they found the "right" guy - and it was a pleasure to work with me, but none of them wanted for me to proceed on drawing single illustrations - once they saw the comic.
Some of my old patrons left after seeing that I became more active on working on a comic that didn't include something to their liking. I was always a fan of sci-fi and fantasy. Aside from drawing popular characters and superheroes - I want to do and show something that is completely mine.
Sadly for me, most of the people who pledge $10 are supporting me only because of the free request I'm doing for a bunch of 12 tiers  every month.
So guys - I'm confused a lot.
Working on "Deep Space" and comic strips is giving me pleasure - and I'm able to see that some guys like it, but again the money factor is playing its nasty role.
I need your help - and I want more people to pledge $5 - in order to support my work on the comic strips. This would be my speedometer - a sign that will show me I'm doing right. There has to be something special about the $5 tiers - so I made some extra pages of "Deep Space" and they are able to see it - I believe those additional pages don't change the main course of the story.
Some would suggest opening the comics to the lower tiers, but I believe I'm showing enough content - and from recent times they can suggest me to draw a pinup of popular character /they are able to see EVERY pinup and illustration I do/ , while $5 tiers are getting  the comics in addition and the ability to vote.
$10 tiers get all of that + a high chance 12 of them to get a free drawing from me with up to 4 characters.
Again - "Deep Space" is meant to be open to the public - at least the first issue. With more people to pledge for the comics support - I'd be showing the pages to outside /without the extras/.
So guys - HELP ME  - SUPPORT "Deep Space" and all the comic strips I'm about to do.
My plans for future comic strips include :
1. Deep space - with Anna the horian - scifi
2. Golds of Altir - with Kyana Antur - fantasy : 
3. "Silvercity" - which is only idea ATM
/ both of them are connected to each other, beacuse I have a theory about dimmensions/.
4. One for the Laughs - which has to be "parody" with DC characters - and I'm having hopes to get help from Smiley.

SUPPORT ME : www.patreon.com/mavis

Posted by MavisRooder - March 21st, 2018

I believe I'm a creative person. Means I have my own stories to tell to the world. And eventually to gain from it.
I mean - I want to entertain. Comic strips are an old love of mine. I used to read these when I was little kid.
I'm 40 now and I have my own kids myself. I had a change in my life and instead of being an engineer - I went into IT area as a graphic designer, and several years later - I'm here drawing mostly porn from home. What a twist!

Anyway - I have two separate stories to tell - Golds of Altir , and "Deep Space".
Those are the comic strips I have in mind. Every comic has to have a story, a text that actually is telling the story to the public - the drawings are giving an additional idea to it, making it more clear and appealing.
Now. English is not my mother's tongue  - and I'm not making or trying to excuse myself.

I used to ask some of my patrons to help me with proof of reading, but with time I had to stop doing that - my patrons are busy adults - they are having a family, personal life etc.
In fact, most of them showed a lot of enthusiasm and desire to help me out - sadly the TIME factor is crucial - it won't be polite to bug them and ask:
"Hey did you finished reading my comic ?! Hurry up !!!! I must upload it and show it to the others !!!!" - you can agree that I cannot demand speed from someone, who's supporting me and is giving me actual money - and on top of that willingly agreed to help me with proof of reading! 

So I had to finish the comic entirely and to give it to the patron and wait patiently until they find time to read it.
Now imagine this patron of mine having kids, wife, mother in law, three dogs and cat - and all of them demand for their attention. Aside - this patron is having a serious job with responsibilities - a boss who's an asshole - you know the usual. Yet this type of patron found a time and spare some cash to support me and reads my comics at the end of the week.

Another type are the guys who see the story and for some reason, they find inappropriate the use of curses, blasphemy or they just don't like the names of cities, places, planets... 

On the other side are the guys of younger age who love to type "LOL, at the end of every sentence" - and everything they see looks fine to them.

The only possible solution is to hire someone - to do it professionally without changing my plot, story or whatever.
I cannot afford that. 

The common with the types of people here is that they all like what I do - BUT they ALL HAVE Life to live.
And sadly my drawings are not their first priority and it shouldn't be. Still, they are waiting for me to come with something!
That's why "Deep Space" has "ongoing" status. I come with one/or more/ pages from it every week.
A user from HF told me about a typing program named "grammarly" - a widget that can be installed on your browser and helps you with typing. That's what I'm using. And it's working - Not because of the program.
I'm showing the comic out - and there are people who are pointing out the typos for me.

I'm going to show the first issue out - and I hope to get the interest of people to become supporters on my patreon.
This will give me hopes to proceed on working on more issues of it in future.
The guys who pledge $5 will be the first to see the pages when they come out.