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MavisRooder's News

Posted by MavisRooder - October 21st, 2016

Hey guys - check this out !


Posted by MavisRooder - September 17th, 2016

So guys... I'm a needing tree fiddy - just like a good Loch Ness monsta - but this to fix my goddam car. 
I was riding Audi A4 avant- 1994. For 2 years it stays in front of my home - and it requires urgent repairs that are around $3500 ($3755 - to be more precise )/ these are the tree fiddy I was talking about . So I'm doing commissions - gathering the cash to send my old car for repairs. My wife want me to sell it - and get rid of it.... you see - it's useless - a grass is growing inside of it - even some cats started to hide somehow inside...

It's old - I know - it looks sad -   and the repairs are expensive, BUT - my kids grew up in here / they are still small / - but the car has sentimental value to me. I have feelings for it.
Can't go back to web designing - because I left it for good , can't go for MMA fighting - because my arm is weak (actually I never fought in MMA or fought at all ) - only thing that left for me is to draw.

I guess I must do about 120 commissions at the price of $30 in order to get these money - heh.


Posted by MavisRooder - September 13th, 2016

 Sadly for me I had to put some of those fucking banners. Got low or no incomes lately - and the date I have to pay the host is coming - so my asking is if there are guys who like what I do - please disable the ad block - let those porn baners go - I don't expect You to buy the shit they sell or show - I know even better than most of you that these offers are complete crap - to those who don't know I was adult graphic and web designer before and made a lot of ads and banners like the ones they show. Most of the content is not even their own.... but that's another topic of conversation - and I don't intend to go in deep with that. My asking is : Guys please do not disable the ads :-)

Anyway - those who wish to support me can do that the several ways:

1. Come and watch my page every day - I'll try to come with at least one drawing for the day.
2. Commission me / I can be contacted on the e-mail shown http://mydirtydrawings.com/commission-me/ or PM me - I prefer to draw "in front " of the client - on picarto : https://picarto.tv/mydirtydrawings - however there's a list of things I prefer not to draw anymore - please keep this in mind  if your thing is there - I will probably refuse to draw it : http://mydirtydrawings.com/donts/ 
3. Become a patron of mine  by pledging some cash on me every month: https://www.patreon.com/mavis - basically what I do there I'm showing it out on www.mydirtydrawings.com - with some small exclusions. The patrons who pledge $5 or $10 are able to request a drawing from me /included in their patronage/. The guys who gets impatient and want more than one drawing are able to commission me with the special pricing for patrons: Again please check this out : http://mydirtydrawings.com/commission-me/

I'm getting recently some negative messages about some of the things I post. Regarding those "tea parties".
Explanation : I am depicting famous songstress/actresses /or at least their faces - into lesbian-fisting orgy. The characters are squirting, there's semenal fluids everywhere - a mess.... Out of words how to name every each of these I just called the first one a "tea party". All of these are REQUESTED or COMMISSIONED by some of my patrons. 

On this stage of my "artistic" life - I'm drawing the things the people are saying , asking, paying for . Like I wrote on my site: I'm for hire/ some would say I'm a slave - we're all right/.
And some of the guys are taking their advantage of that fact. They purcahse and ask me to do their thing.

What's MY THING though ?

1. Pinups / I have to say I don't have much time to work on that /
2. Original characters, Game characters, TV and Comic Book characters (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse - I love them all!)
3. My interests are within mythology, legends, fairy tales, history

I want to have time to work on stories with my original character Anna. EveryTIME I want to work on that or something mine/personal  - I get notifications and bills with end date - therefore I have to do some jobs .

So basically guys - If you like what I do  - but you dislike some of the topics - don't blame me - you can contribute to the variety of the site by commissioning me or becoming a patron.

Sincerely yours ,



Posted by MavisRooder - September 8th, 2016

I'm getting sick ATM. My throat hurts and pain in the neck and I'm feeling tired and exhausted. However I'm planning to do more frequent updates. I mean on mydirtydrawings.com - why I would be keeping that site if I should not be using it. So I'd like to try to post at least a drawing per day.

If there's not update in there you should check my Deviant Art or here - for mainstream. The problem is that recently I did several mainstream commissions - don't get me wrong - I love drawing these - even more than drawing porn, but I cannot put those portraits next to the blowjob drawings... Also not all the guys are fond of looking at man's portrait if he/she's there to watch something else. Anyway.
I'm giving a try on this - to upload at least a drawing per day / Saturday and Sunday should be free for me - unless I upload something - and during the holidays /national and family :D ... and when I'm very sick. 

I just don't know. This requires persistence and energy that I don't always have. I do a lot of sketches , but not all the guys whould be happy to see these on site / so I'm putting these inside the patreon (as somekind of bonus so the people should see I'm not lazy ....

Just saying

Posted by MavisRooder - August 30th, 2016

If anyone is interested to watch me streaming on picarto.
Here's 9:00 am / morning/ located in EU.

Posted by MavisRooder - August 25th, 2016

So. These days I've migrated to Comic Easel. Made some small tweaks on the design.
And started to upload all the stuff I did. Those are hundreds of drawings I made. A thing I hate to do. 
Checking out old DVDs/ like my archives/ - and I'm trying to remember what was the story behind every each one.
Not much of a success on that btw.
And there are still people who come and ask me to send them a drawing I made for them 4 years ago.

Like I remember who they are and what I did to them. Don't do that. If you don't kept it and you don't see it on the site - I'm not your archive. And I'm not gonna check it on the DVDs. It's a thing I hate a lot - to check in the archive.
At that time I could draw another thing and show it around - and that would make my day and make me happy.

Still going with the uploads though - www.mydirtydrawings.com

Posted by MavisRooder - August 18th, 2016

Well... the next day after I sent them e-mail explaining that the submissions I made - although being sexually suggestive are not against the rules. And asked them to lift the ban. The response from their side was something that was saying : your ban was lifted and thank you for taking a time to understand our rules....

Which is totally a butt-dick move - it's like a cop stopping your car for an infringement of traffic regulations - and when you're calmly explaining that you didn't do anything wrong - he has nothing to do but to let you go with the words: "Take care , Sir - and next time be careful ! "

Careful ? How so ? Careful not to stuble on you , during your shift ? It's like a russian roulette. You never know!
However I held myself from re-uploading the same images because the White Imgurian Knights are so sensitive and would report me again and again... I drew and showed this : http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/mavisrooder/storm
Downvoted, because I  oversexualized the character ! 

Well... people are people. Today we eat hamburger tomorrow we fucking hate it cause it gives us fat asses.

Never mind. I'm on imgur again.



Posted by MavisRooder - August 16th, 2016

So guys I tried to be part of imgur community for a week. When I decided to share some of my drawings in there. The first one was this http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/mavisrooder/rogue-level-12- and they got it removed almost immediately. I was preparing it to be a joke with whom to troll the gamers around. I was "advertising" non existing game, who is so awesome it has such kind of characters. Some people bite - and started to ask about the name of the game , some wrote "lol under the comments". I started to draw the Orcish girl in order to pick their interest even more. I even asked some of my patrons to come and support me there by posting some weird comments like they are too playing "the game"- everything part of a vicious and nefarious plan - which at the end had to end with numerous of hot and sexy drawings of non existing characters. However I got this image removed .

I saw their notification yet I decided to go on the edge and submitted this one: http://mavruda.deviantart.com/art/Summer-Time-615721201 - thinking that for not seeing genitalia , nipples or nudity - would make it and the image will serve it's purpose - to make people laugh. Believe me Imgur has a many photos racier than this stored on their servers ! 

They got me banned from imgur community - this somehow angered me - like "what did I do wrong ?"- however we are not able to see our own mistakes. I blame no one for this. It's their policy. Funny cats, cut off fingers, flying dildos / no pun intended with my recent white knight drawing /, gay innuendos and tons of memes. Not much of art or drawings.

I was preparing this illustration for the white knights who adore cats and dolphins there - /the one with the White knight /- but I could not post it - because I already got banned.

Some words about White knights / my words and thoughts - and I'm not trying to influence you to think the same/

White knights are people like you and me, yet they believe they are different and they do good. They often are not creative - creativity is not their thing. They are silent , often lurking in the dark - just like the haters - but they pretend to be different, having their own - simple tastes. Sometimes they think they are pretentious. They use other people as excuse for their own actions : if there should be any children they would see this !!!! 

White knights are riding unicorns - the mounts of their own self-delusion - the Unicorns of Justice. Those mounts are having short stature - very short legs - but pretty normal and marvelous frame - which is just enough for the white knights - they don't have to do any efforts to put their leg on stirrup and push up to the saddle. It looks like normal horse, but in fact it's pony unicorn. Riding that mount the White knight cannot see far more than their community - like over the horizon, and they cannot travel too far from their community - remember the short legs - the unicorns are getting tired easily !

White Knights are taking their job quite seriously - and if you're stupid enough to make a point they use the codex they are following and living by : To Serve and Report ! 

Just to say those people don't exist only on IMGUR. They are everywhere - in every form. It's that guy who's standing next to you on job - he's smiling at you, and he's telling you "hi" - but he's always watching you and waiting for you to make a wrong move. And we - as people are making mistakes constantly. We call that kind of people sneakers or snitchers. Sometimes we become snitchers too - and to justify our actions we repeat to ourselves: "We did it right! ".

Now everything is going like it used to be - I hold no grudge against imgur - I've had some fun time there - the comments of some of the people were really crazy and the submissions too. I'm getting back to work. And what I'm working ? 

I'm working over my future - to make people watching my stuff.



Posted by MavisRooder - July 31st, 2016



This comic strip should be presented on  my site after 3 weeks or less on : www.mydirtydrawings.com - you can see the version without the "censored"balloons on my page there - however - I'm going on vacation tomorrow.
This is actually a requested drawing for one scene , but like I already announced to my patrons if I like the idea of someone's request - I turn it into a comic strip / if it's witty, funny, clever, twisted and cool /. The condition is the patrons to be honest - and not to be afraid - because I don't judge. I'm like a therapist and I'm hearing/reading your ideas / when request time is on/ - and if these are NOT on my DONTS list  - I draw it  - so keep that donts list in mind - it exist on my site as a separate section on the navigation menu.
About my vacation -  I'm not going to get the laptop with me (for a second time) - that won't be vacation - the first time I was without the laptop it was somehow painful, because I wanted to check mails , read comments, write comments, write and post and draw stuff, give likes , share stuff - but I had only my cellphone - and there was no internet , the mobile operator didnt had any coverage in that area where I was resided for a week - in basics - I was in a total information pitch black.  This time we are about reside in a hotel with internet and everything , but we will try to repeat the same situation but in better condition and stuff....
Also I hope I will get back in full health and safe in order to draw and finish the comic strip.
About mydirtydrawings -
Guys - have in mind that I'm showing EVERYTHING I do there for free, but in order to proceed on doing this - I need to pay fee for hosting and other necessary stuff. So please consider of supporting me on patreon.com/mavis -
If you support me on patreon - you're supporting mydirtydrawings and me. There's no one else in there but me - I do all the stuff - so if someone supports the site or the drawings, comics animations in there - is supporting me in person. And that's what I am looking for !  [16x0]
As for the guys who are like "I don't pay for art, or porn art"- well - my site is just for you. You can watch it for no pay.
The rest who understand the idea of creation and the work of the artist and the fact that artists need to eat, pay bills and pay for health , just like the truck driver, the museum clerk or every working person on Earth  - please be my patron at :
I don't draw only porn or erotic stuff - but 99% of the things I do there are for adult - so just like on my membership site before the patrons are dictating the content!  [16x0]  I will make sure to post mainstream works too - these are helping me to keep myself on the ground - not everything we see is porn after all - I like heroic stuff, swords, magic and beasts fighting brave heroes....
Thanks - and see you in the next month around 10th - 12th.
Now about the comic strip on top: There will be no talk balloons at all or I might add some - I don't know yet - the concept pages are ready though.  I don't believe there's a need of talking - but we /you will see about that.
Since it's not quite clear without proper description what is it about - here's the story: four friends - women at age between 35 - 40 are on vacation in a pool , where they see the young life guard. The guy is well endowed. And the rest of the comic is just pure action. Keeping it simple.
First this is requested drawing by one of my observers / that's the top tier title of my patrons who pledge $10 for me each month/.
Observers has the ability to request a drawing / each time I launch a thread - "send me your requests". For now I'm able to fulfill everyone's request, but with increasing the amount of these patrons I will have to activate "cooling list "option which will put people who already got a requested drawing into waiting - until others are getting their turn. BUT what if those guys are impatient about waiting , BUT still want to support me and GET something anyway ? Well - commissioning is the other option, BUT they get a SWEET DISCOUNT of my current pricing. Like 10% of it. I believe that this would make all happy somehow.
With more supporters I could get better equipment - and eventually to start doing flash animations more often - because this is another way for me to tell more crazy stories. I'm working with the ideas thrown by my patrons and I'm mixing it with my own - and the result is really crazy. It's a way I communicate with the people.
Free lovers get their view, Supporters get me - and I'm ALL YOURS ! So guys - Allow me... NO - LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU!
I need your support on patreon !
End of the hosting plan of my site is coming soon - and I need to move to another hosting provider since the current one is providing me a really lousy service - my site goes down way too often - their support does not attend most of the sites they host - and recently they removed their backup option - which totally sucks.
I will be seeing you - in two weeks - when I get back home.
MANY MANY  Thanks to all those who are supporting me on patreon - by pledging something on me every each month, also "thank you" to those guys who are making positive and supportive comments or comments sharing their expression under my submissions everywhere I post. Thanks to all the messages and mails I get from supporters and people who asked for commissions: Sorry for not accepting anything - but I really needed to take a rest after this hard year - and the secondary surgery.
THANKS AGAIN ! I Will come back with more submissions in two weeks or less.
Sorry for the very long message guys - but this is my appeal to all of you - current and future patrons., supporters, friends and fellow artists !

Posted by MavisRooder - July 28th, 2016

So um... guys - those who don't know - 

I'm drawing some stuff aside of the regular porn. However I don't post these on my site - probably because people don't want to see such kind of stuff on site with name : dirty drawings ..... Anyway.
I'm posting on instagram :

https://www.instagram.com/mavisdraws/ - and I'm using gramblr, because this is the only way for me to upload drawings from my pc to there. The sad thing however is that the format they allow should be squared one - so I have to cut some of the sketches.

The other place I probably will upload the same drawings /sketches - are here
https://www.facebook.com/mavisdraws/ - on facebook - 

And on Deviant Art - where I have 150 or something fans for the past 15 years of me being there.

Forgot to add Pinterest: