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I'm very sorry for all the bad luck you've had recently! Do you have another Paypal account I could donate to? I'm still not sold on Patreon's security and reliability... but then again, it's very rare to hear someone's Paypal account got hacked :O

I've really enjoyed all your illustrations over the years, and hope you have a speedy recovery!

Okay - I will have to tell the entire story then :

For mydirtydrawings.net - I was paying for hosting, and some additional things - but earn nothing.
There was interest from people who were coming and watch, because the stuff was shown for free - and that was the point. Then hackers came and hit me - I guess it this could happen to everyone - and I don't think it was personal from start- they just noticed a "gap" in my WordPress defense and made through it.

However it turned out to be a little personal - after I re-installed WP, and made a clean installation. Attacks continued and they are going even right now - that's why the "Maintenance" page.
There are several few months left until the end of the hosting plan - but I don't intend to re-new it.
I will keep the domain name though.

As I wrote "A month and something ago hacker or group of hackers attacked my two sites and my paypal account. They made to breach in 2 of 3. " -

They hit my sites and tried to do the same with the Paypal. They didn't made it - from Paypal I got mail that someone with Russian IP address tried to access my site like 278 times / not sure about the exact count but it was something big .

For the free blog I bought some plugins - to protect, but this didn't helped - no use to throw more money. So I decided to move to Patreon for good.

The other attack was pointless - obviously they didn't needed any content - because in members area there was just pictures and couple of swf files - no personal info, no bank accounts etc.
Instead they cleared some files - and made my content "disappear" and a blank screen "Haha Fuck you". I bought Password Sentry and have it installed it. So far this keeps them at bay - or at least I think so. One of my members / I got 2 members in total inside :-))) / - told me this happened.

That's the 2 of 3. No breach inside Paypal.

About donations - I'm flattened - and this is unexpected - however I'm not looking for donations.
I do commissions - and requests with special threads inside Patreon - and that's how I intend to go onward.

You see - I work for my money - that's how my dad taught me.
I still post things for free - and will keep doing this - thank you for your support -

Believe or not - what you just did - gave me strength - God bless you!

Mavis R

And the Lord helps those, who help themselves. Thanks for the update, better times are coming man, I know you'll win out ;)