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Tom's supposed to be working on a pageview stat you can see on your blog, I know a few ppl have been reading your posts. I'm really shocked at how well you photographed the screen, awesome :) You can always press the PrintScreen button and use MS Paint to open the clipboard or something, than crop and save it as a .jpeg... reasonably sure XP could do that, but you can do the same thing using GIMP or another art program.

Hi - I suppose you're trying to explain how to post clear images - but unfortunately this is not working in my case...
First - Instagram is mostly mobile application - for smartphones, tablets, etc. Of course it can be seen on desktop pc's, but it is not possible to upload images and photos on Instagram without "additional" program. Instagram is for people who uses mobile technology - to share photos and stuff like that.
And I wanted to do that in there - sadly without proper program Instagram looks like just a site with like buttons only. By additional programs I have in mind: Gramblr and Blue Stacks. Both were made to post images directly from your PC to Instagram / in my case I wanted to do exactly this/.
Unfortunately I'm still using XP as OS - and my PC configuration is really outdated - and that for some reason is obstacle to install some of those mentioned. I found Gramblr application for XP - 32 bits - and that should do, but for some reason I was not able to log into my Instagram account.
Blue Stacks is too complicated program to use. I have to install the program, then my PC will start acting like mobile phone through it. After installing - I need to install Instagram application within Blue stacks and then to make major tweaks into my Instagram account - with disabling the camera, sound and God knows what more... Options I was not able to see after installing it. Then after reading more articles "How to" - I found that the current application with those options is not supported for 32 bits machines who's operating with XP.... In short - I wanted to post clear images on Instagram - but this was not possible. What I can do is - pointing the smartphone directly towards the monitor and click - the result is hideous. Instagram is good for getting eventual fans and clients - lately people are more on move - and they use the smartphones to communicate - as portable computers...

Now why I'm posting this "bad screenshots" - just to announce that I'm on Instagram again... and to show I'm not lazy, I'm working - and those are the Works in progress... Sadly with bad quality.
As for programs Gimp is a good program that can replace partially Photoshop / which I posses - but Adobe product is way powerful and good for use - at least from my point of view.