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I'm Creating Comic Strips

Posted by MavisRooder - March 21st, 2018

I believe I'm a creative person. Means I have my own stories to tell to the world. And eventually to gain from it.
I mean - I want to entertain. Comic strips are an old love of mine. I used to read these when I was little kid.
I'm 40 now and I have my own kids myself. I had a change in my life and instead of being an engineer - I went into IT area as a graphic designer, and several years later - I'm here drawing mostly porn from home. What a twist!

Anyway - I have two separate stories to tell - Golds of Altir , and "Deep Space".
Those are the comic strips I have in mind. Every comic has to have a story, a text that actually is telling the story to the public - the drawings are giving an additional idea to it, making it more clear and appealing.
Now. English is not my mother's tongue  - and I'm not making or trying to excuse myself.

I used to ask some of my patrons to help me with proof of reading, but with time I had to stop doing that - my patrons are busy adults - they are having a family, personal life etc.
In fact, most of them showed a lot of enthusiasm and desire to help me out - sadly the TIME factor is crucial - it won't be polite to bug them and ask:
"Hey did you finished reading my comic ?! Hurry up !!!! I must upload it and show it to the others !!!!" - you can agree that I cannot demand speed from someone, who's supporting me and is giving me actual money - and on top of that willingly agreed to help me with proof of reading! 

So I had to finish the comic entirely and to give it to the patron and wait patiently until they find time to read it.
Now imagine this patron of mine having kids, wife, mother in law, three dogs and cat - and all of them demand for their attention. Aside - this patron is having a serious job with responsibilities - a boss who's an asshole - you know the usual. Yet this type of patron found a time and spare some cash to support me and reads my comics at the end of the week.

Another type are the guys who see the story and for some reason, they find inappropriate the use of curses, blasphemy or they just don't like the names of cities, places, planets... 

On the other side are the guys of younger age who love to type "LOL, at the end of every sentence" - and everything they see looks fine to them.

The only possible solution is to hire someone - to do it professionally without changing my plot, story or whatever.
I cannot afford that. 

The common with the types of people here is that they all like what I do - BUT they ALL HAVE Life to live.
And sadly my drawings are not their first priority and it shouldn't be. Still, they are waiting for me to come with something!
That's why "Deep Space" has "ongoing" status. I come with one/or more/ pages from it every week.
A user from HF told me about a typing program named "grammarly" - a widget that can be installed on your browser and helps you with typing. That's what I'm using. And it's working - Not because of the program.
I'm showing the comic out - and there are people who are pointing out the typos for me.

I'm going to show the first issue out - and I hope to get the interest of people to become supporters on my patreon.
This will give me hopes to proceed on working on more issues of it in future.
The guys who pledge $5 will be the first to see the pages when they come out. 




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Good to know, good to hear; you inspire me break past my crippling fear of failure to finish my own comic of sorts...but later.

P.S. What is your native tongue again?