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Deep Space is Evil ....

Posted by MavisRooder - April 2nd, 2018

Guys - some weird news.
My recent decision to work on this comic strip led to a series of "hits" towards my "financial stability".
I've noticed the positive comments of the people - of course, some other guys pulled the pages and upload those on forums around, but they were good sports and gave credits to me and my page - which is awesome and I'm thankful. The score the comic got was pretty high.
To those who don't know - aside from the cheap commissioned works - I was doing some paid jobs for other websites.
One of the major commissioners who was commissioning me to draw exclusive pinups for their site (means I don't own the drawings, and I get paid even not to put my signature below - but the pay was good and on time)Just before you ask what's the secrecy about those pinups - it was pinup artworks of famous celebrities wearing leather suits and that's that. I will not give the name of the site of that guy /people/organization.
The tone of the e-mail conversation was friendly - but basically - they gave compliments on the idea and "asked" if I'd be interested to continue work on "Deep space" and to be paid for it BUT - the only condition is: NOT to show it anywhere else but on their website only. Not on my patreon, not on my site - not on Hentai Foundry or anywhere - but on their site.  Also, they said that they have a writer who will work on the scenario and I'll just have to draw it.
I told them that the comic strip is my own creation and the conditions they put are not to my liking. Despite the need for more additional incomes I politely declined their offer and said that I prefer to proceed our work as usual. The response this time was harsh but basically was something like : " If you don't want to work as we say - we won't work at all. There are plenty of hungry artists around. " I was called "miserable fag" aside of that.
I didn't respond back and that clearly was the end of our conversations and relationship in future.
Another site I used to do some funny works noticed that I do comic and told me they want me to draw something like this to them.
I responded that I will not be having enough energy to do that - even if I wanted and some days later they said they found the "right" guy - and it was a pleasure to work with me, but none of them wanted for me to proceed on drawing single illustrations - once they saw the comic.
Some of my old patrons left after seeing that I became more active on working on a comic that didn't include something to their liking. I was always a fan of sci-fi and fantasy. Aside from drawing popular characters and superheroes - I want to do and show something that is completely mine.
Sadly for me, most of the people who pledge $10 are supporting me only because of the free request I'm doing for a bunch of 12 tiers  every month.
So guys - I'm confused a lot.
Working on "Deep Space" and comic strips is giving me pleasure - and I'm able to see that some guys like it, but again the money factor is playing its nasty role.
I need your help - and I want more people to pledge $5 - in order to support my work on the comic strips. This would be my speedometer - a sign that will show me I'm doing right. There has to be something special about the $5 tiers - so I made some extra pages of "Deep Space" and they are able to see it - I believe those additional pages don't change the main course of the story.
Some would suggest opening the comics to the lower tiers, but I believe I'm showing enough content - and from recent times they can suggest me to draw a pinup of popular character /they are able to see EVERY pinup and illustration I do/ , while $5 tiers are getting  the comics in addition and the ability to vote.
$10 tiers get all of that + a high chance 12 of them to get a free drawing from me with up to 4 characters.
Again - "Deep Space" is meant to be open to the public - at least the first issue. With more people to pledge for the comics support - I'd be showing the pages to outside /without the extras/.
So guys - HELP ME  - SUPPORT "Deep Space" and all the comic strips I'm about to do.
My plans for future comic strips include :
1. Deep space - with Anna the horian - scifi
2. Golds of Altir - with Kyana Antur - fantasy : 
3. "Silvercity" - which is only idea ATM
/ both of them are connected to each other, beacuse I have a theory about dimmensions/.
4. One for the Laughs - which has to be "parody" with DC characters - and I'm having hopes to get help from Smiley.

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