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A new reward for patreon

Posted by MavisRooder - April 30th, 2018

Now a question: I'm thinking about to make such kind of looping and moving graphics as requests for patrons. Up to 2 popular characters from comics, movies or games in the same drawing.
This will a request, not a commissioned work so the guys won't be able to ask for changes - the same manner as I do with the illustration requests for top tiers (the people who pledge $10 ) and 12 of them are able to request an illustration with up to 4 characters in it.

The pledge cannot be too low: simply because it'll take me a lot of time to work on that and I have plenty of other works to work on. Also it won't be very cool to have one and same patron to ask for their own thing only to be "moved around" month after month - without causing a major uplift from the rest.

The pledge cannot be too high: simply because the animation is not that smooth and the quality is not top notch - hey I have eyes too and I do understand what I offer, yet I believe I'm not to be bashed and thrown away in the trash bin either. Also it has to be affordable, achievable and the patron not to be quite happy with the result - sadly that won't happen on 100%, but I'm fighting for a higher score of satisfaction.

So the rewards I currently have are : 

$1 - people are able to see every illustration I do + access to the special pricing
$5 - all the above + comic strips I do, and to vote
$10 - all the above + chance to 12 of them to get 12 different illustrations as request included in their patronage every month.

And specification of the new reward option: 

A sequence of images/animated gif/ that loops- with up to 2 popular characters from games, movies or comics - moving, shagging or whatsoever. The patron is sending reference image and waits for the result. Based on that I'm just uploading the image for the patrons to see it first.

Clarification: Requests are not paid jobs. These are part of the rewards and my way to show my gratitude towards the people who chose to support me. That's the point of supporting someone on patreon.
Since those are not paid jobs - the patron who's requesting is not able to ask for changes or reviews.
At the end the surprise good or bad is on the patron's side.
NOW - to reduce the unpleasantries - I'm asking the patrons to send me a detailed description and a lot of references of what they wish to see. Even reference to known characters - like Batman - we all know who he is and how he looks, but through the years they changed his appearance quite often - a reference photo is worth thousands of words. The same should be valid to the animated request.