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Art is Pain

Posted by MavisRooder - March 5th, 2019

I couldn't help but notice the low score that the first page of that comic achieved. Also few guys stopped following - some even wrote me messages about it - accusing me of being disgusting.

How so ?!?

" Mavis - I started to follow you because you were doing real art. Even the comics you showed with the moms and kids are funny and inspiring. But the last one shows that you went out of the way of art. This is not art. Art is not shit and farts.

it's not funny to mockup the artists and people ! You're no better than Shadman - so fuck you and him and I hope you die. Your disgusting"

I consider myself as an artist - I'm self taught, but still I am an artist. The art is art t because it has no boundaries - if you're there to put boundaries on artists then you're no better than Idi Amin or any other known dictator. In Nazi Germany and Soviet Union those artists who drew what their leader wanted were leaving a good life. The other were shot dead, gassed, sent on exhile to die in camps.

I didn't mocked any artist - at least not on the first page YET ! But will do it. No names involved.There will be no any real person in fact - simply because I don't know any of the artists around in person.

I don't draw shit and farts - as you can see in my gallery. In that case I wanted to show that some people are hitting "the bottom" . About real art before the shitting rhino page - how come the porn appeared to be a real art to someone ?!

I drew tentacles,

I'm not Shadman and I don't really want to be like him. In fact I'm like 20 years older than him / I'm 42/.

I can only admire his success and the way he's organizing his things - always has something to tell and show- he has the power and ability to draw and lead the people to which ever direction he wants. He's turning himself into institution. An underground institution ! So only but respect to him. About the content he produces - well - that's another thing to talk - still I talk about the way he does the stuff, not the content he makes. I can only dream to be inspiration to people like he is, BUT you'll never know. Also I hate masks.

Just saying - I don't know him - nor he does know anything about me.

You wrote "your disgusting" - My original language is not English, but "My disgusting " what ??? I'm missing the point in here , but I suspect that you're or /you are / accusing me of being disgusting without even knowing me, judging me by my art - or by a single comic page and made conclusions about my habbits and desires and what I do. That's great. From FBI they still hire psychics. I suggest you to apply in there.

I drew something - people reacted badly- downvoted. That's fine. BUT Guys, Please don't send me e-mails with unwanted opinions. If I want your opinion I'd be specific about it - and will ask below the submission something like: what do you think , or something similar- and definitely won't give my e-mail. I use the e-mail to accept commissions. And that's all. Let's keep it that way.

I don't take that kinds of e-mails to me as a favor of some sort. Use the comments instead - the comment under the submission. I will make sure to respond as soon as I read it.

Oh wait - you don't comment under "A" rated submissions.... CHICKEN !



Comments (3)

Sux, man. In my new world order, I vow to abolish opinions outright! Who's with me?

Sux, man. In my new world order, I vow to abolish opinions outright! Who's with me?

Opinions are part of democracy and everyone should be able to express them. What I got was not exactly opinion, but a desire to be told what to do, ending with pure hatred (see the "die" part) It makes a difference. SMH.

Oh well. It happens. I follow enough people to see that kind of stuff every other day, at least. Keep track of the more extreme looking comments and keep the in mind if they start to violate terms and conditions and rules. Harassment is never a way to convey opinions. It can be done civilly and going too far in the negative spectrum only hurts everything they say.

For me, I always find it interesting to see people's responses through art (whether they accept it as 'art' or not). Positive, negative, and lack there-of. Some still say the connection between the "Black Mirror" and the real world are two different things. Just looks like outrage/triggered culture is in a perpetual denial stage.