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Thoughts about my future "career"

Posted by MavisRooder - June 28th, 2019

Note : This very same message is shown on my profile's news.

I do understand that my art style and things I choose to draw can't be of liking to everyone.

This one should be considered as research - in order for me to know where I stay at the current moment,

To the guys who are more like : TL~DR : https://twitter.com/MavisRooder/status/1144490270924271616

I've been thinking about this a lot lately - AGAIN.

I have a site - the host will expire at the end of this year. I have cancelled the security support of it, because it was too expensive and I wasn't doing anything on it at all.

Some progress with the artwork in general :

Through the years I have developed a specific style for the illustrations but kept the comic/cartoonish style and I found that people have interest towards my comics. People are coming and asking me for commissions. I draw every single day - and I am even at that moment to announce the "Commissions are closed".

I haven't raised my prices yet. I have created a strong bond with my constant clients and for now I don't feel it's a good idea to announce a price raising. I became picky - I don't want to draw anything that goes. I have pushed away paying clients - politely telling them that I don't want to draw their thing anymore. Yet I haven't started to earn well (about $140 on patreon monthly). Yeah. It's all about the money thing sadly. Living on commissions could be tiring. Especially if you work cheap - and therefore I'm rushing to make it ASAP, so I should grab the next inquiry.

I found that people like to watch me draw their thing. Or to watch me drawing anything.

Here's some links to places where I present / should be used as reference for "samples"

  1. Twitter : https://twitter.com/MavisRooder - I'm posting sketches there and some of the illustrations as well.
  2. Hentai Foundry : http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/mavruda/profile
  3. NEWGrounds : https://mavisrooder.newgrounds.com/art

The time when I feel like I have something to tell to the people - has come (it came year ago, but nevertheless I'm announcing that here as well ).

I want to tell my own stories and I want to show it out. I have all the "weapons" to make it happen, but I hate to go without a plan. That's why my asking to you, the one who reads this:

Would you support me on patreon if I should start showing off my comics out - on my website ?

Not only the comics, but the illustrations as well. Shown out - for free ! Nothing on the inside - everything out.

You saw some of the comics I presented here and you got the idea about what I'm gonna do.

I'm pretty prolific. I've done a lot through the years - but as you can guess the improvement with the quality came out the last couple of years 2016- 2018 , when I developed my current style. So I have enough content to show out.

About content ?! Of course it's going to be porn, but not exactly or specifically. I'm about to draw and show popular characters: from comics, games or anime - as well as my own original characters and comic strips. I watch funny videos and depending on the akwardness or sexual innuendos that might go in there - I would do something... rude, or funny. In all the ways I'm looking to make people laugh.

Sounds very much like someone you already know, right ?

I know - you already have Shadman. We all have Shadman. But I can't be like him- I just can't - even if I want. He's phenomenon of it's own kind. I won't be shining bright like him , and I have no illusions that I will be even half successful as he is.

But still - I can do it on my own : I prefer be a small light , instead of a big shadow.

The way the things are going - the better way for me to work would be my stuff to be seen out - instead of hiding it.

But before I do "that jump" - I need to know if there will be "hands to hold me".

I know the odds : a lot of guys think that it makes no sense to give their money for something they can get for free.

But guys - in this case you're not "paying for the content" , you're "supporting the artist" - me !

Please write down in the comment section below what you think or give me your vote on the poll following the link.


P.S. I'm leaving for vacation in a week or so and that poll will stay for 1 week as well.