Started Top 50 sexiest Game characters pinups /sketches/

2013-02-13 09:41:28 by MavisRooder

I've read this article in here: 0-hottest-video-game-characters
I dont expect for all the guys to agree with it - most of the people dont find some of these sexy or hot, but this I do for a practice and fun.

So far I made Princess Peach, Leah /from Diablo3/, Princess Daphne, Chloe Frazer/ which I'm showing in here/ And A blood Elf.
Also I made Alyx - the girl from Half Life - just 3 mins ago. Posted inside my site tho.

Started Top 50 sexiest Game characters pinups /sketches/


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2013-02-13 10:32:09

awesome , that's why i luv u ^^

MavisRooder responds:



2013-02-27 08:07:52

how about resident evil

MavisRooder responds:

it was not part of their list....