My Dirty Drawings Update

2013-03-15 07:36:19 by MavisRooder

I decided to post announcements on what I did with my site in here. -7-march-till-now/

There's another option for joining my site added - $5 for 7 days. I want to make another website that should be free to watch from everyone but I need to work on some projects so I can fill my Paypal account with funds , so I can pay someone to integrate the design I will do into WordPress. Till then - I will go with this one.
For my dirty Drawings I'm using the services of CCbill as payment processor, but I was told that I cannot post drawings of Disney or Marvel or DC. That's why I want to make a free site, where I will be free to post whatever I want without problem. will continue it's existence because I've created my own original characters and started several comic strips which are in progress of development. Every member who join my paysite is able to request for drawing from me or a short comic strip. What is enough for me to make something is to get photo reference images and - voila - we got drawing or sketch.
Here I'm showing an old sketch I made when I had some time between the things I do.
About the 50 sexiest game characters - so far I made it up to Fran / From Final Fantasy/ - and currently drawing the chick from Prince of Persia. I know I wrote I will draw them all in lines and no colors, but then I decided to lay colors on.

My Dirty Drawings Update


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