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Fountain of Youth is ready !

Posted by MavisRooder - August 28th, 2015

The painful process is over ! 

The next that I should do is "Depravity Schools" origins - the idea already has been provided by the "IRISH DUDE" who is fan of "that" stuff - so I hope I will finish it for less than year.... / jokingly /.

Yes  "Fountain of Youth" exceeded it's creation for over a year. Maybe two. It started as a request by my memberс - I made some pages - then I wanted to put some jokes I'm usually trying to stick - and added them to the idea of the guy.
Then... I broke my arm, had surgery and fuck of - LIFE is a beyotch. Time started to pass slowly.
I believe my art style improved a little bit. And the weird/good thing probably is the fact that this can be seen on the comic. I'm lucky that the guy who's idea was this - is not complaining , but this makes him / and the rest of my 2 members on site are happy ( according to the maths 1+2 = 3 )

That said - after I'm done with "Depravity Schools" origins I will try to pull out some of the comic strips I already started inside and will ask the pepople for support : if they like the idea they can support me through patreon, so I can finish these. And right now I do have some stuff going on there.

Also I'm applying for a concept artist at a gaming company - if they get me I won't be able to create stuff I already started. And guys - what I want is to get my patreon going - and make it my job.

As I mentioned before - in there I want to draw heroic stuff from things I like - there's a whole universe of heroes from Marvel to DC and my favorite guy - The Batman. And futanary stuff - those who are interested can check my patreon and support me in there / for the moment I don't have much of content in there - and still trying to justify the pricing/rewards. So everything that goes to all my two pages: www.mydirtydrawings.com, patreon.com/mavis - is more than welcome ! 

There are several guys who don't want to be involved with any of these so they are commissioning me - you can see their stuff inside my site and the patreon / I'm trying to make different stuff on both the pages, but I was not sure if the guys are going to get account at patreon or join my site... 

x0x0x0x Mavis.