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I'm Abandoning Mydirtydrawings.net

Posted by MavisRooder - October 19th, 2015

Hi NG - 

I'm sad to announce that I'm abandoning the support and usage of mydirtydrawings.net - website - for now.
A month and something ago hacker or group of hackers attacked my two sites and my paypal account. They made to breach  in 2 of 3. One of those was two, was my free-to-see blog : www.mydirtydrawings.net

I tried things to stop that - bought software and plugins - but still they were far more experienced than that.
Those who came and visited the site know that I was showing everything in there completely for free. For the last 5 months I made to achieve few more fans and interests - due to one interesting fact - I was very active. There was enough traffic and people who were interested to get commission from me or even to join my site.
Sadly my activity got the interest of people who decided to use my page as way to present their products : torrents, pirate sofrware etc. I had to re-install WordPress - I also had my old database kept etc. but then attacks has been renewed and I decided to stop with everything. I see no point of paying hosting or expensive plugins to protect something that protects nothing in fact. I'm moving to patreon. I will use it as blog and whatever it is.
www.mydirtydrawings.com - is still working and functioning.
Things on the patreon - will be different from the other site. I will draw impressions, funny carricatures and comic strips that involve Marvel, DC or other comics and TV shows I like - ot by the like of my supporters.
Of course I will make sure to show enough things out for free - but still that is my job now - and I will have my hopes that there will be people who will come and give me their support by pledging a small amount for me each month in there.
In return I will make sure to entertain you.
As for mydirtydrawings.net - I will not post on there for near future - who knows though - maybe in time I will make it live again, but for now it's the : 

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I'm very sorry for all the bad luck you've had recently! Do you have another Paypal account I could donate to? I'm still not sold on Patreon's security and reliability... but then again, it's very rare to hear someone's Paypal account got hacked :O

I've really enjoyed all your illustrations over the years, and hope you have a speedy recovery!

Okay - I will have to tell the entire story then :

For mydirtydrawings.net - I was paying for hosting, and some additional things - but earn nothing.
There was interest from people who were coming and watch, because the stuff was shown for free - and that was the point. Then hackers came and hit me - I guess it this could happen to everyone - and I don't think it was personal from start- they just noticed a "gap" in my WordPress defense and made through it.

However it turned out to be a little personal - after I re-installed WP, and made a clean installation. Attacks continued and they are going even right now - that's why the "Maintenance" page.
There are several few months left until the end of the hosting plan - but I don't intend to re-new it.
I will keep the domain name though.

As I wrote "A month and something ago hacker or group of hackers attacked my two sites and my paypal account. They made to breach in 2 of 3. " -

They hit my sites and tried to do the same with the Paypal. They didn't made it - from Paypal I got mail that someone with Russian IP address tried to access my site like 278 times / not sure about the exact count but it was something big .

For the free blog I bought some plugins - to protect, but this didn't helped - no use to throw more money. So I decided to move to Patreon for good.

The other attack was pointless - obviously they didn't needed any content - because in members area there was just pictures and couple of swf files - no personal info, no bank accounts etc.
Instead they cleared some files - and made my content "disappear" and a blank screen "Haha Fuck you". I bought Password Sentry and have it installed it. So far this keeps them at bay - or at least I think so. One of my members / I got 2 members in total inside :-))) / - told me this happened.

That's the 2 of 3. No breach inside Paypal.

About donations - I'm flattened - and this is unexpected - however I'm not looking for donations.
I do commissions - and requests with special threads inside Patreon - and that's how I intend to go onward.

You see - I work for my money - that's how my dad taught me.
I still post things for free - and will keep doing this - thank you for your support -

Believe or not - what you just did - gave me strength - God bless you!

Mavis R

And the Lord helps those, who help themselves. Thanks for the update, better times are coming man, I know you'll win out ;)