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Happy Halloween !

Posted by MavisRooder - October 31st, 2015

Hey there ! 

Happy and spooky Halloween ! I am open for commissions and requests on my patreon. 
Just to let people know : Requests are not commissions - and I'm accepting those only from supporters who pledge from $5 and above. https://www.patreon.com/mavis?ty=h

So far I do have 2 people in there who are very generous and they are very huge fans of my art : these are my mom and dad, who are so proud of me - although mom is very sad that I draw porn every time - she says : 
Davis, hunny - who don't you draw something pretty like other people ? Why don't you draw house in a windy field, draw flowers in vase like those famous artists around - draw your grandpa's cart that is stuck the mud  in back yard ?
Dad says he likes my art - but he's always drunk and sleeping on coach - I don't remember when was the last time we had normal talk ... Although I live in the garage - which is my kingdom. And Spike - our family dog is my best friend.
Mom says she and dad will stop supporting me on patreon if I don't draw something that makes sense . She pledges on my dad's behalf - becasuse he is asleep and from  to time he yells : Yeaaah, fucker ! - so when I come to pick something from the fridge - I ask him: Dad ,  do you like my drawings ? - he always responds.
Now mom wants to draw the cart of my granpa stuck in the mud. Otherwise she and dad will stop supportting me on patreon. Bastards. If I was not so fat I would run away and join the crew of "Star Wars" - and will become a star. They are looking for stunts and monsters right now. Sometimes I look like Harrison Ford with beard - from that movie where he was a bodyguard and fucked Witney Houston.... That movie stuck in VCR when I tried to swap the porn I was watching when my mom, my big sister Cherry , my aunt Lucy , my grandma Geordee, the neighborhood's twin sisters - Anna and Sheela - and their mother came in. I was naked - erected, my hand lotion was open and there were paper napkins everywhere. Granny Gee was not happy because I totally messed her framed photo when she was 20 years or something - what to say - she was hot, and I'm a man with needs. And the porn tape was stuck - playing and repeating one and same picture... 
Several days later someone recorded that movie over the porn. Nothing to watch - I  got bored - and started to draw.
At first I started with carrots, but at the end it turned out to be dick. The same thing appeared with the broccoli, the leek and I don't want even to mention the bananas...

If we cut the bullshit I just wrote on the above paragraph - I'm inviting you on my patreon. It's true I do have 2 people - and both of them are my friends. Most of the drawings and creations I post are " Patrons Only" - which means visible for all the patrons - never mind the pledge. So guys I'm trying to justify the pricing and rewards the people would get.
Bear in mind that this is going to be my job - and do intend to do it seriously.

Guys who pledge 1 dollar can see almost everything - but they cannot request or vote, and the comics I started to draw.
Guys who pledge 5 bucks - can see everything including the video process of drawings - / including animations I will make in future/ and they can get a black and white /lineart/ drawing as request. They can also vote.
Guys who pledge 10 bucks on me - gets everything - with some small exceptions.
Guys with $15 - Got all of it - and 5% discount /as a coupon for all the commissions they can purchase from me within a month/
Guys with $25 - Got all - + 10% discount /as a coupon for all the commissions they can purchase from me within a month/ and reduced cooling process, 

Guys with $50 - got all : 10% discount on commissions within a month ,reduced cooling process and access for my paysite for a month.

What is reduced cooling process ? I have announced that I can take up to 25 requests within a month. When someone gets his request drawing - he or she will go into a "cooling" list - of waiting, so the other people in line should get their turn.
/I know it sounds funny especially with this current amount of supporters, but you never know - I'm optimistic by nature/.
Those who pledge more get their process shortened.
For example if you pledge $5 and get a request - you will go into a list of waiting for 4 months. The catch is waiting counts when you are supporter only - so to the guys who decide to stop pledging and get back in 4 months - their waiting will proceed from the same place where they left. 
The good thing though is that if there are other people who will request they will be able to watch the updates and other stuff that comes in there - and I believe I'm very productive so there's always something to come - unless I'm ill or have problems - surgery, incidents. Just check the amount of content I produced the past 5 months ! And bear in mind I draw also for my paysite , and commissions.

What is request - The request is not commission. Although the process of doing it is almost the same as commission. The difference is the client has no right to demand for those 3 changes that goes with commission.

Commission - is paid request for drawing the thing that client wants to see. The catch here is that the client has to know exactly what he/she wants to see and not to change the concept. Also I do have the right not to accept commissions - by any reason.

Whats the good in supporting me on patreon/ : As I said I'm productive and art is way of communication for me - I believe this can be entertaining for the people. So ... Let me entertain you !