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Adult Art and art submissions

Posted by MavisRooder - December 8th, 2015

Hey guys - to those who come and read what I do in here. First - Thank you for passing by and reading this.
Second - I draw - lately I'm more than serious, since I hope this to become a way of living for me.
Now the last and third in this statement of mine is the art.

The easier way for me to show my ideas, my thoughts, to express myself is the art. I'm a person with sense of humor.
When I draw something I'm aiming at some certain parts of your brains and perception - and so far I was and still I'm able to "hit it". As you can see I draw both - mainstream and adult illustrations. I can see that the mainstream are better accepted than most of the adult ones I upload here. I believe it's not the quality - because the years I've been active here shows that people here are voting for ideas on first place. And when idea comes with a quality - then we have a masterpiece.

I don't claim to be a master. Never made to create a masterpiece. I do have enough troubles and unpleasant moments in my life in order to draw something "deep", that will make you think for a second and then will make you hit something very close to the 5 / the highest rank/ - and then never to return to see it again. And here we come to the adult submissions.

As you probably know I don't have problem to draw adult stuff . A lot of artist influenced on my style the last two years. Some of them are here - on newgrounds - drawing mainstream. 

Now to the point - when I draw something that made you sick - this is EXACTLY what I'm aiming to. Still I believe that at the same time they are funny. At least they should be funny. I'm trying to make those funny. I perfectly know that not everyone would like them , but yet again - those who like my stuff - I'm drawing for you ! And thank you !

"What the f** is going on with the a--hole of the guy - " - the comment cracked me up. I was about to respond and say something funny like " what do you mean - it's pretty normal or something. 
Just so you guys know - if something is made to popup and jump directly to your sight - that's the point. Disgusting - but still funny - Yep - that's what I wanted. Awful and funny - right one spot ! Awkward - yet hilarious - absolutely on the point !

So guys - keep that in mind.  Now check this out :