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About that Flash animation I made

Posted by MavisRooder - March 20th, 2016

Guys - I'm not a good flash animator and I know that. Also I KNOW that I'm not the best artist - Originally I was graphic and web designer but since I "survived" several break downs - with health and job issues - I decided to go "easy"on myself - and quit designing and work in terms , stress and non-paying clients. I haven't been animating for more than 4 years when I made a similar animation for my paysite but with less sexy character - older asian lady - based on real person for one of my loyal members on the site. Site is still funcitoning by the way. However I am more active on www.patreon.com/mavis

Now back to animation and everything that I would do : with almost eveything I do - I'm trying to "tell a story". 
Sex, fighting - etc. I'm always trying to seek the humor in it - that's my style. If you wish to have something that would arrouse you - well I would probably be able to depict it - yet - my preferences are with the bright side of the life  and the funny situations. I'm situational artist - let's say from recent time.
I'm aware of the most of the things that happens around and what makes people happy - and I'm trying to make fun with that.  Selina's doggy style is my idea to make fun with most of the stuff that goes : 
Like for example not every man is well endowed.

Anal sex is painful if it's not done right.
Not every woman in world love that - different cultures and understandings.
Not every person likes futanary or chicks with dicks ...
Women are not creatures from other planet - they are intelligent , funny, loving and caring. 

I'm making fun on all those stereotypes that goes because of the information technologies - especialy internet.
We watch too much porn. We watch too much violence. We accepted it. We don't value our lives and culture.
We live in fear and we get used to it. We are not going to help a man who's laying down - but we will start making video of him with our cellphones, while he's dying. And we will post it on youtube to get our 10 seconds of "fame".
Because of the porn - our understanding about sex the past 20-25 years became twisted.

Guys - I was adult web designer. Let's say I've seen things. I've been doing projects for Lary Flynt productions , also for Playboy and big names - back in time though. Things have changed. The same way as the employers and payment .  There are young guys who believe on almost everything that goes on the internet.

Like people in some countries are saying "C'est la vie".


In short the flash I made is a parody. I have no intention to make people horny or to fap on this.
My primary goal is to make you smile. What I want is to entertain you. So come to my show on my patreon.