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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Posted by MavisRooder - July 12th, 2016

First of all - I'm 100% lame at any game possible. And I mean it. Seriously. For years I've been standing on my broken PC but I was keeping on working on it - since it was working good enough with the programs I used in my previous jobs - as web and graphic designer. If I ever wanted to install a new game - the old crate was just giving me two colors on screen : blue or pitch black. I found out that the processor was overheating. 

Some time ago I made some cash and bought my self a decent PC. How decent ?! Let me tell you - decent enough to play : Fallout 4. I actually beat the game - and right now I'm playing two more - like Assassins Creed - Syndicate and Walking dead. But that does not change the fact that I'm fucking lousy gamer. That does not matter actually - as long as I'm having fun. Let's talk about Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.

Game was released in 2013 - and was created by polish game studio. From my point of view it had pretty decent graphics (far away from the one I saw in Fallout 4) but it was a nice first person shooter.
Weaponry - are somehow limited to three types of weapons: revolvers, shotguns and rifles - and their modifications - in one step upgrade (one step I mean - just one upgrade and that was it). There was upgrades on the character - and depending on the situations you can use either of those three types of weapons. For example : when you need to defend a wagon, or shoot in close combat the best option is the usage of shotguns and dynamite.

An awesome moment that brings small(by the meaning of not big) variety to the game are the duels. For "gamers" like me this was pretty painful process - since the lack of reflexes IS my strong side. Which means I'd be champion of numerous of times I've been killed.

However the game was easy to beat - and somehow ended shortly and fast - for 3 days the game was done. It had pretty decent story though : a man goes on killing spree in order to avenge for his killed relatives. Language is English - spoken with nice texas accent / the voice overs were made by US born actors/. 

There's a limitation to the ammunition and to be honest I was not able to get what was the difference between the regular sixshooter and the gold-plated one.... 

Like I said - it ended pretty quickly - and the only option that left was to beat it in the next from the usual three modes every game offers (easy, medium and hard). Just to say I play easy on everything that comes. It also had some other additional options similar to the arcade mode, and only duels - which is total nightmare - like I said there's need to adjust hand position with the keys (which never became clear to me how to do that properly - I was able to max it to 20 % top and then the enemy started to move - and percentage dropped) and to aim with the mouse at the same time. Those percentage for the hand and mouse - goes for speed and concentration - which appears to be crurical for duels.

There was NO SEX in the game - like there was no single female in game - except for the cutscenes - which I love to watch in most of the games with stories. In this case the cut scenes were presented with static illustration sketches - made with bold lines and no colors. The voice acting was awesome - in fact there was a female voice behind - during those cut scenes... She appear to be a girl who work in one of them salloons who were popular in Wild West. And that's it.  If there should be any sex in the game it was mentioned indirect - when the main character was telling his story ( the game is the life story of the life of Silas Greaves - the shooter who was walking around to kill everyone involved in the death of his brothers - and all of this brought him to the path of a killer who now also seeks a redemption). So Silas mentions that he was married once for two indian sisters, but he "quit" because they were talking too much.

Not the best game I've played - but it's a nice way to spend the weeked ... if you are alone, ugly and you don't have sexual or any kind of life - or you just been bored.

In my case - a friend gave to me several games on discs - just to get a taste from the gaming - and eventually this should help me with my art and communication with the guys around.

I will present a couple of illustration regarding this game but if I would evaluate the game I would give it 3 of 5 stars, becase of the story and the funny moments it offered on some times.

Have you played that game guys ?


Comments (1)

I played that game (Call of Juarez Gunslinger), and I didn't even finish the game. I really suck playing FPS, so I got stuck in the ambush of the third stage or so (maybe the second).

I thought that the typical wester film feel the game has is pretty good though, and perhaps I'll continue my save in the future. But I surelly I'll just erase that save and begin a new game on easy difficulty.

I hear you ! Not the brightest game in the world - but it's a good way to waste time if you have nothing better to do.