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I'm putting ads on the site

Posted by MavisRooder - September 13th, 2016

 Sadly for me I had to put some of those fucking banners. Got low or no incomes lately - and the date I have to pay the host is coming - so my asking is if there are guys who like what I do - please disable the ad block - let those porn baners go - I don't expect You to buy the shit they sell or show - I know even better than most of you that these offers are complete crap - to those who don't know I was adult graphic and web designer before and made a lot of ads and banners like the ones they show. Most of the content is not even their own.... but that's another topic of conversation - and I don't intend to go in deep with that. My asking is : Guys please do not disable the ads :-)

Anyway - those who wish to support me can do that the several ways:

1. Come and watch my page every day - I'll try to come with at least one drawing for the day.
2. Commission me / I can be contacted on the e-mail shown http://mydirtydrawings.com/commission-me/ or PM me - I prefer to draw "in front " of the client - on picarto : https://picarto.tv/mydirtydrawings - however there's a list of things I prefer not to draw anymore - please keep this in mind  if your thing is there - I will probably refuse to draw it : http://mydirtydrawings.com/donts/ 
3. Become a patron of mine  by pledging some cash on me every month: https://www.patreon.com/mavis - basically what I do there I'm showing it out on www.mydirtydrawings.com - with some small exclusions. The patrons who pledge $5 or $10 are able to request a drawing from me /included in their patronage/. The guys who gets impatient and want more than one drawing are able to commission me with the special pricing for patrons: Again please check this out : http://mydirtydrawings.com/commission-me/

I'm getting recently some negative messages about some of the things I post. Regarding those "tea parties".
Explanation : I am depicting famous songstress/actresses /or at least their faces - into lesbian-fisting orgy. The characters are squirting, there's semenal fluids everywhere - a mess.... Out of words how to name every each of these I just called the first one a "tea party". All of these are REQUESTED or COMMISSIONED by some of my patrons. 

On this stage of my "artistic" life - I'm drawing the things the people are saying , asking, paying for . Like I wrote on my site: I'm for hire/ some would say I'm a slave - we're all right/.
And some of the guys are taking their advantage of that fact. They purcahse and ask me to do their thing.

What's MY THING though ?

1. Pinups / I have to say I don't have much time to work on that /
2. Original characters, Game characters, TV and Comic Book characters (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse - I love them all!)
3. My interests are within mythology, legends, fairy tales, history

I want to have time to work on stories with my original character Anna. EveryTIME I want to work on that or something mine/personal  - I get notifications and bills with end date - therefore I have to do some jobs .

So basically guys - If you like what I do  - but you dislike some of the topics - don't blame me - you can contribute to the variety of the site by commissioning me or becoming a patron.

Sincerely yours ,