Entry #118

Some changes I had to do

2017-06-23 08:30:35 by MavisRooder

After having the upgrade the next step for me was to make some minor changes to the rewards I offer on patreon , so everything I'd do should make sense. The next step is to work on the organization of my site so it can serve it's purpose better : to help me with my patreon accounts.

I had to reduce the amount of requests I do for my top tiers - and also to limit the requests only for that tier. (that was announced long time ago, but I have to explain it again and again ever since.)
The next thing would be to organize the categories on the site - and eventually to remove the comic strips that I've started and never intended to finish.

I'm working too much on requests or commissions  - which is totally okay with me, but I've got that "burning" feeling from inside that makes me want to do something mine - and that would be the "Golds of Altir" and my other character Anna. That's one of the main reasons I decided to reduce the amount of requests 15 per month for my top tiers ! :-)

The same goes with the amount of commissions as well. Like I said - I'm looking to have a variety of different stuff on the site, but the variety comes with the different people. Everyone has their own fetish, their own thing and that's why I had to limit the commissions to 3 per person for the month. 

About Kyana and Anna. / the similarity with names is coincidental / - those two O.Cs of mine.
I really need to introduce these two to the public and make them more popular and known. Also I'm totally into drawing superheroes from the popular comic strips, the same goes with the games and tv shows so these are going to go as usual.

I'm very open to draw the O.C. of the people who would come and become my patrons or clients. All those according to my conditions : 1 request /month and no more than 3 commissions per person /month.

Basically nothing much has changed, but I need to organize my own stuff....





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