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Golds of Altir- Issue 2 Work in Progress

Posted by MavisRooder - June 29th, 2017


I haven't been updating for so long. In fact I was having problems with my site - that lasted longer than I thought - and that affected all the aspects of my work : requests for patrons, and of course working on "Golds of Altir". I don't want to get into much details about the site - right now it's still in maintenance mode, but it will stay like that until I get enough time to organize the stuff about it: categories and menus. 
Anyways. Golds of Altir. My original comic strip with original characters is already a fact. The first issue is done and I already have my first patrons to back me on it here: 

What's the new thing about it ? Its the fact that I'm gonna do the comic in flash. Completely in flash. No, it's not going to be flash animation, it will be mostly static images imported into stage with some slight effects that will make the story more "appealing"  - hopefully.
The rough sketches went over 15 pages from the long ones I usually do. Imagine me drawing those and importing them into flash. It will take me probably a little bit more time :-D

Right now I'm charging the patrons per finished issue, which may sound uncool to some of you, but since I am working on several other things, those who pledge are not losing their money- as I'm not charging before the project is finished. If the comic gets the interest of people around - like to have enough patrons to back me up on it - I might start concentrating my work on it, but for now I'm far away from this goal. 

Guys. The comic is totally for adults. Which means strong and offensive language is included. The violence and cut off limbs , heads are nothing comparing to the fact that it actually shows explicit pornographic scenes - it's actually an adult comic strip with elements of fantasy.

The comic will be interactive, which means there are arrows that will help the viewer to navigate between the pages. This time the violence takes more place, as well as dialogues.
The idea how this should happen is not mine, in fact I saw some people around doing this and I found that I'm capable of doing this too but with my characters, story and idea.

I'm intending to upload the file here /without the sex scenes/ - as long as I finish it. It's NOT ready yet. It's NOT finished. I have MORE works to do on it.
But those of you who find the screenshot sufficient to support my work on it - can do that here : 

Briefly and shortly : Im working on comic strip for adults - and I'm using Adobe Animate. The comic has original character/s : Kyana Antur, a thief who meets monsters and villains on the fictional land of Altir.  
More about it here : 

Need your support in there guys : 

P.S. No, I don't want to turn it into a game. 


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Hell yeah! I've actually seen issue 1 and it pleases me to know you're working on issue 2! I'll keep my eye out. ;)