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Back from Vacation and some notes to myself

Posted by MavisRooder - August 1st, 2017

These remarks are to me only since I don't want to forget.
I'm proceeding to work on the issue 2 of the comic "Golds of Altir".  I'm making it into FLASH  - but it is not going to be an animation. Basically it'll be static images integrated and imported into the scenes. Buttons will guide the viewer into each scene/panel. 15 or 16 long pages will be drawn /currently made it to page 5 /.

Some of the scenes will be slightly animated for better understanding from the viewers. No sounds.
I found the forum message of Tom Fulp about the future of FLASH in 2020. http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1424896 - I'm a bit concerned and confused, a mixture of feelings and thoughts are flowing into my mind. I've been working with FLASH since 2006. Not all the time, but I used it for my job as designer and since then I made couple of animations (for 11 years couple of animations, very productive) - and not in a very good quality... Anyways - I'm not here to excuse or pity myself - but to put this link to the software the newground team made : 
https://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creator-resources/flash-resources/swivel - it has to be a tool that will convert the SWF into movie format. I didn't read yet if the buttons will be exported - and will they keep their command function after the process of converting. I guess I will find out that when I do the converting.

I already sent message to my patrons to send me their requests for the month. Speaking of which I decided to abandon the secondary patreon account - there was no use of it - a lot of bots and fake accounts started to leech over it. There's a plenty of program bots that crawl the accounts of artists and performers on patreon, they become " patrons" extract the content or stuff that's inside and before the month is over they bail /if they are live people/  or the system of patreon just announce them as "Fraud" or non existing users, quickly clearing their accounts of the system.

So the best I could do was to send a message to all the patrons and invite them to my first patreon account : 
www.patreon.com - explaining them the situation and reason why I decided to "abandon" this account. I told them that I will proceed work on "Gold of Altir" in there, but it will be a slow process and they won't be able to see an entire issue within the month, but they'd be able to see the other content I produce for other patrons. Surprisingly for me there were real people who listened to me and just came pledging to my patreon.
That realy gave me a "boost" on my work and that day I quickly made the line art on a whole entire page ! 

Yesterday one of my kids got sick and I was not able to work, because she had high temperature. This night the troubles with her health continued and I was so tired : I told my wife I will be taking care of the kid, so she can sleep and go to work at the morning. I was like a zombie through the whole day - and when Dina came back from work - I just felt on bed and closed my eyes for a moment. That moment continued until now. I slept since 6 pm until 3:00 am. My wife woke me and asked me to check our little girl. She was warm - Ibut not too much. I just gave her a glass of water and went into my work room to check the e-mails and stuff. Saw Tom Fulp's message and decided to write a note of it.

Sometimes I wonder - what would happened if I didn't quit my job as graphic  designer. I'm stay at-home-dad - drawing porn mostly in house watching my little kids growing up around me. My wife goes to work and comes back and we talk a lot. That was those moments I missed when I was a designer back in the days. 

Sometimes she comes in work room and checks the things I do. She's not very kind if she sees some incorrections in anatomy , so we argue a lot. But that's part of the thing I was looking for. Kids often attack that room - I'm trying to hide the monitor every time, but once they saw one of my dirty drawings - I was out to take a leak - and I've herd their voices commenting over my drawing. I've heard "boobs" - I quickly went out and yelled - their laughter was refreshing.