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2013-04-26 01:49:09 by MavisRooder

Recently I got my time really filled with the requests of the guys there. It's the same way scary and cool. I had to make a list of the things they want me to do. Three requests by every member is thing I can do FOR NOW, and they are all waiting for me to come with things ready ! :-)

Why is it scary ? Not because of their dirty requests - not at all. It's because of the time. I'm concerned because of the time I have to make these. Just a month ?! Yeah - it's enough for me to make these !
And it's cool, because I'm communicating with people who actually are sharing for real !

So come along and join my site while I'm still available to accept requests !

P.S. The pricing is almost $15 per month - for that amount you get access to all my drawings and requests I made + comic strips and you wait for your three things to come !
So it's like you get 3 colored pinups for just $ 15 , or 182 mexican peso, or 1187 algerian dinars, or 296 Czech Korun, or 93 chinese Yuans, or 136 Nambian Dollars, or... okay -

15 USD, for a month and you get your things drawn. That's the only payment you do - in order to access the site. Once
in you're able to request for up to 3 drawings from me by using the form.
Come along and support me by joining my site - and share with me and others your dirty fantasy !

Sincerely yours,


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2013-04-26 03:57:52

Free requests huh, it's tempting...

MavisRooder responds:

Yeah - for now that's what I think I'm able to do - I have enough energy and strength to take up to 3 requests from the members. The sad thing is that most of them think I will require for payment so they just come and watch silently - eventhough I've wrote : It's free of charge...

The good thing is that you watch the other stuff, while you wait for your 3 to come. It's win-win situation, you watch and get 3 on price of membership - I get another member for the site and my content for the site is increasing it's amount.