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MyDirtyDrawings - yeah again...

Posted by MavisRooder - April 29th, 2016

Guys - to those who care and want to know what happened in there. My site was ripped - and it's stuff can be seen around the file locker sites. Some people are even selling my stuff outside. I cannnot do a thing to stop it or forbid it... 
That's why I decided to make mydirtydrawings a free-to-see page. Those who want and are curious can come and check my stuff at : www.mydirtydrawings.com - I'm pulling out the content from the members area and putting it on the free page for everyone to see it. I'm not ashamed - otherwise I wouldn't show those - I'm presenting it for free  instead of trying to fill small holes in that already sunken ship.

Most of the content is fetish - drawn by request or ideas of some of my ex-members. 
So far I was giving the membership as bonus to my patrons who pledge $25.
With no site shown - I had to remove that option. It was strange that those guys didn't wanted to get in - because they were thinking the content inside is the same I'm showing on patreon. With site not paysite anymore I had to remove that option. So those who want to support me can pledge on my patreon : 

$1 - and will watch all the stuff there.
$10 - the same - but they have the option to get requests when request thread is open / 

I will open $5 to those who want to support me and mydirtydrawings so I will proceed drawing random shit like the ones you will see.

There is more things that are cooking right now and there will be higher reward options that will be open, but until then - this is what it is.

The site is free-to-see now - and I haven't  almost anything else - so any kind of support would be appreciated.
The stuff I present on the patreon however differs from mydirtydrawings - so those who decide to support me will be able to see what I do in there too.

Basically -
1. patreon - I draw Marvel, DC  and other popular character - and I do requests for patrons.
2. mydirtydrawings - fetish stuff /watersports, milf, moms and shit like that.

I feel somehow destroyed - and all my efforts went to the ground, however I believe it's the best decision to show everything outside/with some small exceptions - there are some commissions and drawings I made and who are part of other membership sites - and their owner gave me permission to present them on my page as well. So those are "locked" inside patreon - 


About the page - mydirtydrawings was my sketch book, my learning pad and place to develop something - it's not an art style - but a way to speak with the people and communicate. 

You will be able to see some of my old stuff that looks odd, distorted and disproportional - stuff that are not by your liking probably - again most of the things were made for members and people who wanted to share their secrets with someone. And that one was me . Since 2011 I was drawing and still drawing almost every day. You know practice makes better.

Back in 2012 - just because I was having members on the site - I was confident and I was thinking that "I can draw, I'm fucking good" - just because several people told me they are happy with what they see...
Then I came here - at New Grounds . And people told me the ugly true. My style sucks. Then I started to read books, watch videos for anatomy lessons. And found that I know nothing. And yes - I KNOW my "art"  is not top notch.
Don't get me wrong : I'm not whiping or trying to punish myself.  I'm not humble or humbled. I can see myself clear - I don't refer my drawings as art - or at least not the "serious" way. 

It will take some time until I move all the stuff from mydirtydrawings to it's free location. 
Sadly I'm not very familiar with WordPress and I wanted to make some changes on the design.
The only way I can pay  someone to help me do that - at this current moment is only with.... art.

Ladies and Gents, 


Yours, Sincerely -
Mavis Rooder 







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Its a hard day when one really sees where one really is on the totem pole in the art/illustration world, but this sort of thing seems to be a passion for you, youll get better now that you understand how much more you can improve as an artist.

All I can say is "Keep On Keeping on" ....