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Life Guard

Posted by MavisRooder - July 31st, 2016



This comic strip should be presented on  my site after 3 weeks or less on : www.mydirtydrawings.com - you can see the version without the "censored"balloons on my page there - however - I'm going on vacation tomorrow.
This is actually a requested drawing for one scene , but like I already announced to my patrons if I like the idea of someone's request - I turn it into a comic strip / if it's witty, funny, clever, twisted and cool /. The condition is the patrons to be honest - and not to be afraid - because I don't judge. I'm like a therapist and I'm hearing/reading your ideas / when request time is on/ - and if these are NOT on my DONTS list  - I draw it  - so keep that donts list in mind - it exist on my site as a separate section on the navigation menu.
About my vacation -  I'm not going to get the laptop with me (for a second time) - that won't be vacation - the first time I was without the laptop it was somehow painful, because I wanted to check mails , read comments, write comments, write and post and draw stuff, give likes , share stuff - but I had only my cellphone - and there was no internet , the mobile operator didnt had any coverage in that area where I was resided for a week - in basics - I was in a total information pitch black.  This time we are about reside in a hotel with internet and everything , but we will try to repeat the same situation but in better condition and stuff....
Also I hope I will get back in full health and safe in order to draw and finish the comic strip.
About mydirtydrawings -
Guys - have in mind that I'm showing EVERYTHING I do there for free, but in order to proceed on doing this - I need to pay fee for hosting and other necessary stuff. So please consider of supporting me on patreon.com/mavis -
If you support me on patreon - you're supporting mydirtydrawings and me. There's no one else in there but me - I do all the stuff - so if someone supports the site or the drawings, comics animations in there - is supporting me in person. And that's what I am looking for !  [16x0]
As for the guys who are like "I don't pay for art, or porn art"- well - my site is just for you. You can watch it for no pay.
The rest who understand the idea of creation and the work of the artist and the fact that artists need to eat, pay bills and pay for health , just like the truck driver, the museum clerk or every working person on Earth  - please be my patron at :
I don't draw only porn or erotic stuff - but 99% of the things I do there are for adult - so just like on my membership site before the patrons are dictating the content!  [16x0]  I will make sure to post mainstream works too - these are helping me to keep myself on the ground - not everything we see is porn after all - I like heroic stuff, swords, magic and beasts fighting brave heroes....
Thanks - and see you in the next month around 10th - 12th.
Now about the comic strip on top: There will be no talk balloons at all or I might add some - I don't know yet - the concept pages are ready though.  I don't believe there's a need of talking - but we /you will see about that.
Since it's not quite clear without proper description what is it about - here's the story: four friends - women at age between 35 - 40 are on vacation in a pool , where they see the young life guard. The guy is well endowed. And the rest of the comic is just pure action. Keeping it simple.
First this is requested drawing by one of my observers / that's the top tier title of my patrons who pledge $10 for me each month/.
Observers has the ability to request a drawing / each time I launch a thread - "send me your requests". For now I'm able to fulfill everyone's request, but with increasing the amount of these patrons I will have to activate "cooling list "option which will put people who already got a requested drawing into waiting - until others are getting their turn. BUT what if those guys are impatient about waiting , BUT still want to support me and GET something anyway ? Well - commissioning is the other option, BUT they get a SWEET DISCOUNT of my current pricing. Like 10% of it. I believe that this would make all happy somehow.
With more supporters I could get better equipment - and eventually to start doing flash animations more often - because this is another way for me to tell more crazy stories. I'm working with the ideas thrown by my patrons and I'm mixing it with my own - and the result is really crazy. It's a way I communicate with the people.
Free lovers get their view, Supporters get me - and I'm ALL YOURS ! So guys - Allow me... NO - LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU!
I need your support on patreon !
End of the hosting plan of my site is coming soon - and I need to move to another hosting provider since the current one is providing me a really lousy service - my site goes down way too often - their support does not attend most of the sites they host - and recently they removed their backup option - which totally sucks.
I will be seeing you - in two weeks - when I get back home.
MANY MANY  Thanks to all those who are supporting me on patreon - by pledging something on me every each month, also "thank you" to those guys who are making positive and supportive comments or comments sharing their expression under my submissions everywhere I post. Thanks to all the messages and mails I get from supporters and people who asked for commissions: Sorry for not accepting anything - but I really needed to take a rest after this hard year - and the secondary surgery.
THANKS AGAIN ! I Will come back with more submissions in two weeks or less.
Sorry for the very long message guys - but this is my appeal to all of you - current and future patrons., supporters, friends and fellow artists !