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They got me banned from IMGUR

Posted by MavisRooder - August 16th, 2016

So guys I tried to be part of imgur community for a week. When I decided to share some of my drawings in there. The first one was this http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/mavisrooder/rogue-level-12- and they got it removed almost immediately. I was preparing it to be a joke with whom to troll the gamers around. I was "advertising" non existing game, who is so awesome it has such kind of characters. Some people bite - and started to ask about the name of the game , some wrote "lol under the comments". I started to draw the Orcish girl in order to pick their interest even more. I even asked some of my patrons to come and support me there by posting some weird comments like they are too playing "the game"- everything part of a vicious and nefarious plan - which at the end had to end with numerous of hot and sexy drawings of non existing characters. However I got this image removed .

I saw their notification yet I decided to go on the edge and submitted this one: http://mavruda.deviantart.com/art/Summer-Time-615721201 - thinking that for not seeing genitalia , nipples or nudity - would make it and the image will serve it's purpose - to make people laugh. Believe me Imgur has a many photos racier than this stored on their servers ! 

They got me banned from imgur community - this somehow angered me - like "what did I do wrong ?"- however we are not able to see our own mistakes. I blame no one for this. It's their policy. Funny cats, cut off fingers, flying dildos / no pun intended with my recent white knight drawing /, gay innuendos and tons of memes. Not much of art or drawings.

I was preparing this illustration for the white knights who adore cats and dolphins there - /the one with the White knight /- but I could not post it - because I already got banned.

Some words about White knights / my words and thoughts - and I'm not trying to influence you to think the same/

White knights are people like you and me, yet they believe they are different and they do good. They often are not creative - creativity is not their thing. They are silent , often lurking in the dark - just like the haters - but they pretend to be different, having their own - simple tastes. Sometimes they think they are pretentious. They use other people as excuse for their own actions : if there should be any children they would see this !!!! 

White knights are riding unicorns - the mounts of their own self-delusion - the Unicorns of Justice. Those mounts are having short stature - very short legs - but pretty normal and marvelous frame - which is just enough for the white knights - they don't have to do any efforts to put their leg on stirrup and push up to the saddle. It looks like normal horse, but in fact it's pony unicorn. Riding that mount the White knight cannot see far more than their community - like over the horizon, and they cannot travel too far from their community - remember the short legs - the unicorns are getting tired easily !

White Knights are taking their job quite seriously - and if you're stupid enough to make a point they use the codex they are following and living by : To Serve and Report ! 

Just to say those people don't exist only on IMGUR. They are everywhere - in every form. It's that guy who's standing next to you on job - he's smiling at you, and he's telling you "hi" - but he's always watching you and waiting for you to make a wrong move. And we - as people are making mistakes constantly. We call that kind of people sneakers or snitchers. Sometimes we become snitchers too - and to justify our actions we repeat to ourselves: "We did it right! ".

Now everything is going like it used to be - I hold no grudge against imgur - I've had some fun time there - the comments of some of the people were really crazy and the submissions too. I'm getting back to work. And what I'm working ? 

I'm working over my future - to make people watching my stuff.



Comments (1)

I were called a white Knight for blaming a racist Nazi Mod to an Indie Game. Earned alot of hate for telling my opinion.

Besides that, I do not see an offense in what you did draw, or what you did.
But people are people. Everyone has his/her own opinion. And thats good.
So IMGUR may didnt like you the way you are, then go on in ur life :)
Or - if you see any failure in your behavior - change.

Good luck in your future, dont let you hanging :)

Sigh* - obviously the coin has two sides. We all may stand on same balcony, but we will be seeing different things. Sometimes telling an opinion - / my drawing of white knight is opinion too/ - is a good way to get you down. Sometimes is better for a person to remain silent. I'm not the first adult artist to be thrown away from a community for trying to make a breakthrough.

IMGUR on the other hand - is not a living person - probably a guy who didn't liked my drawing - considering them as vulgar or unacceptable for his taste reported me , justifying his call on the community rules. The secondary image just sealed their decision - and that lead to immediate ban. The White Knight feels alright now. No can do.

Conclusion : There are many, many other ways to get to your goal - as long as you play by the rules, without insulting people or being rude or obnoxious on some high level. But even those kind of men are finding their way.

About my behavior - I cannot see myself from aside - and all I can claim is that I didn't do anything wrong : I didn't stole art, I claimed nothing that is not mine, I didn't posted pornography, no genitalia, visible sexual activity was presented , liquids or semenal fluids were shown - yes all the things are suggestive - so as 100% of the images marked with "mature"content on imgur.