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I've got secondary patreon

Posted by MavisRooder - March 21st, 2017

Yet another patreon ! That's what you would've say and you'd be right on some point. The thing is that I will be doing my own comic strip stories in there. Independently from any opinions - just something that's really mine. And yes - it will be comics for adults patreon.
I already announced this in here: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/mavisrooder/bugbear-attack
But I'm clarifying : Pledging is per finished comic strip. 1 comic strip should be having up to 5 pages /at minimum/ fully colored pages. It's a fantasy comic with monsters, barbarians, battles - with plenty of sex and foul language.
It will have violence , dialogues and story.

There are two pledging options /for now/. $1 and $5.
$1 - supporters will get the comic strip and access to sketches.
$5  - supporters - the same, but they have the ability to vote. So far I made just one poll - where I was asking my one and only patron / in fact he's the reason for me to start the comic and work on it/ what kind of "fetish" I should involve in the next following issue of the comic I'd do. It has been decided it should be monsters and girls :-)

Now to the point - what am I about to draw exactly. I have my own Universe - a land of Altir. I do have a map with places shown. Every place could be adventure and my original character Kyana is taking her way around these kingdoms. The $5 guys will be able to decide what will happen and where the adventures should take her by poll.

When the comic is finished - I will hit the "charge patrons" option and will provide them link with the files with the comic. If there's still patrons after this one - I will proceed work on the second comic strip - based on the decision from the poll.

Now to the point. The comic strip will be ready when I'm ready. It may take me weeks, month or more than month. During that time the pledge is there. Keep in mind that I'm working for the first patreon, I'm doign commissions, I have family deeds. This somehow is making this new patreon not so high in priority.

The goals are not specified, until I see that there's interest from people. 

Like I already wrote : it may take me weeks, months - and at the end it may seems that I've been working a for $5 through that entire time. That's not so important for me right now. What's important is my story. I want to give life to it. I'm developing it. So far I made the lineart of two pages only. Fully colored the first one. Kyana and that monster - which name of it's kind I will have to change to something else.

When I'm ready I will provide it - and will take the pledges of my patrons. Not before I start work, but after. 

Now - let's say I already have 5 comic strips(which I don't have yet). And People come and want to get the incoming comic and the previous ones. / I don't have a suitable option right now - but I will probably ask them to come and pledge on my first patreon and they will get the missed comic strip , and they will be able to get all the benefits that goes in there.
http://www.mydirtydrawings.com/support-me-at-patreon/ - please read it./ this is my first patreon, where I'm doing illustrations by requests of patrons / and cheaper commission prices for the same guys/.

Again - the theme is fantasy - swords and magic, monsters and wenches.
And this is Kyana - the main character. 1266894_149009043831_mavisrooder_bugbear-attack.jpg

Short Plot Synopsis: A thief is telling her false story about how the son of a king died. There's no magic in this first issue, but has some battle and mild bloody scene. The size for each page for this current comic is : 1000x3000px.
It is my decision, because I though that's important for the story. As you can guess - that will take me some time to draw, ink, colorize and letterize it. 

Now I will be needing your attention, interest and support in there. Patrons can see the inks for these pages.

And this is my SECONDARY PATREON ACCOUNT:  https://www.patreon.com/mydirtydrawings

Best Regards,

Davis "Mavis" Rooder