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MavisRooder's News

Posted by MavisRooder - April 17th, 2016

You have seen Afro Samurai I suppose - featuring the voice of Sam L. Jackson. Well... that's where the "inspiration" came from. That was made like a year ago, but for some reasons I lost interest on developing the character and idea. What I do ? I'm beating the dust of it - a little bit. Giving it away to see how this should be accepted.

And yes - It's totally NSFW , contains futanary/or dick girl/, some violence and unjustified sex with helpless female.
I believe that putting " The End" to it's end - is the only thing that makes sense , but still.


Posted by MavisRooder - March 20th, 2016

Guys - I'm not a good flash animator and I know that. Also I KNOW that I'm not the best artist - Originally I was graphic and web designer but since I "survived" several break downs - with health and job issues - I decided to go "easy"on myself - and quit designing and work in terms , stress and non-paying clients. I haven't been animating for more than 4 years when I made a similar animation for my paysite but with less sexy character - older asian lady - based on real person for one of my loyal members on the site. Site is still funcitoning by the way. However I am more active on www.patreon.com/mavis

Now back to animation and everything that I would do : with almost eveything I do - I'm trying to "tell a story". 
Sex, fighting - etc. I'm always trying to seek the humor in it - that's my style. If you wish to have something that would arrouse you - well I would probably be able to depict it - yet - my preferences are with the bright side of the life  and the funny situations. I'm situational artist - let's say from recent time.
I'm aware of the most of the things that happens around and what makes people happy - and I'm trying to make fun with that.  Selina's doggy style is my idea to make fun with most of the stuff that goes : 
Like for example not every man is well endowed.

Anal sex is painful if it's not done right.
Not every woman in world love that - different cultures and understandings.
Not every person likes futanary or chicks with dicks ...
Women are not creatures from other planet - they are intelligent , funny, loving and caring. 

I'm making fun on all those stereotypes that goes because of the information technologies - especialy internet.
We watch too much porn. We watch too much violence. We accepted it. We don't value our lives and culture.
We live in fear and we get used to it. We are not going to help a man who's laying down - but we will start making video of him with our cellphones, while he's dying. And we will post it on youtube to get our 10 seconds of "fame".
Because of the porn - our understanding about sex the past 20-25 years became twisted.

Guys - I was adult web designer. Let's say I've seen things. I've been doing projects for Lary Flynt productions , also for Playboy and big names - back in time though. Things have changed. The same way as the employers and payment .  There are young guys who believe on almost everything that goes on the internet.

Like people in some countries are saying "C'est la vie".


In short the flash I made is a parody. I have no intention to make people horny or to fap on this.
My primary goal is to make you smile. What I want is to entertain you. So come to my show on my patreon.




Posted by MavisRooder - February 24th, 2016

So what ? It will take me like eternity to transfer all the stuff I have from old one to the new one. 
Still it has awesome stats on it.

Posted by MavisRooder - February 15th, 2016

Some of my recent gigs on patreon. Requested drawing from one of my patrons. 
The guys who want to support me can do that here: www.patreon.com/mavis
If you wish to know what's else is going on - please Like my FB page -:


Posted by MavisRooder - February 8th, 2016

La-lala Haha ! Soon ! 
Edit:  On hold for now :-(  Not sure what configuration to buy :-(((((((((((((( Damn.

Posted by MavisRooder - February 6th, 2016

Hello guys my event ended as I failed almost miserably far away from the goal. I made to get only 10 sketches even when I triggered the event 2 hours earlier. I had no idea I'm not able to make 30 for 2 hours  [:-(]  I barely made 10 for more than 5...
However with my mighty number of 4-5 patrons we manage to make awesome stuff. Most of it NSFW, but on some spots there were requests that were totally safe for work - just like this - requested and colored after by my friend and supporter and fellow artist and writer of children books: Philip Lawson: zenx007.deviantart.com/


Posted by MavisRooder - February 2nd, 2016


For more details - please follow this link - https://www.patreon.com/posts/4319974



Posted by MavisRooder - December 31st, 2015

This is something I'm thinking of. They already killed them one way or another, but I didn't killed them... yet !
This ladies and gents - is my remindmend of myself to start a new project on patreon.
So far I'm keeping it on hold. We will see in 2016.

P.S. I'm so impressed by this korean artist who just starts drawing directly on sheet - a bunch of wheels, fighters, animals - a chaos of impressions and awesomeness ! A true master of inks and imagination!



Posted by MavisRooder - December 23rd, 2015

So guys here's some results. To those who are interested. That post will be updated /hopefully often/ until January 1st 2016.

This is Gauze - jerboa-lion hybrid. The original character belongs to : KaruilBunny

Hinekure - o.c.  - Joke is on YOU! http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/mavruda/394193/Joke-is-On-you#1266894_145103648681_mavruda-394193-Joke_is_On_you.jpg

My O.C. Anna and Ms Marvel - involved into something smart.  Please follow the link to see the short story.


My O.C. Anna and Zigzag - http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/mavruda/394628/Anna-Zig-Zagged

Posted by MavisRooder - December 10th, 2015

Yet again I do have instagram.  This time there I'm posting my mainstream W.I.P.s - and efforts. From time to time I do show something more erotic, but with a proper blur or cutting off.  So guys - let me share some of these I posted in there / starting with the new ones and going backward/. I'm sory for the very low quality of the images - I'm still on windows XP 32 bit machine - and Grambler does not want to work for me I cannot log in. The other program that makes uploading from PC desktop to instagram  is too complicated - so I'm shooting from the monitor like 72 yo granpa... sorry bout that.

1. As you probably know I'm fan of BATMAN. This sketch I started year and half ago - Harley's face turned out hideous and kinda very bad... I hope one day to finish it - and fix Harley's huge head who's face is watching somewhere aside of Batsy....

2. Original characters I started out of bore - and ended somewhere in the middle - never to get back to them

3.This one is kinda "special" - I will be honest I've used reference photo to watch from it :
http://s469.photobucket.com/user/liebrek/media/2.jpg.html / kindly asking you to follow the link so you can see , where I get the idea of this image ! 


4. I'm planning to "animate" this one. I perfectly know that I'm not good as Jazza or  the guys who gets weekly votes - to be honest - I haven't been doing this since 2002. Right now I'm drawing every pose in separate layer - directly in Paint Tools SAI - and afterwards - I will export those into Flash. Yes - I am aware that it will become heavy - but for some reason I cannot achive the same level of contours and lines in Adobe Flash. Oh yes - it will be pron.

5. I drew a bunch of princess stuff - for the members are of www.mydirtydrawings.com - and made some deep comments - actually none of those make sense. 

6. After we end with the princess porn weird pinups - I showed a part of this "funny-should-be" drawing with game of words.
It's inside my patreon.com/mavis - but I might upload the entire drawing here, although it might not be accepted well.
1266894_144973268011_n.jpg7. Abyss - the original character of one of my supporters and I could even say friends. This belongs to scorp, who was helping me the last two years to set up my site : www.mydirtydrawings.net - but sadly two months ago - some hackers broke inside the admin pannel and made my efforts to entertain and eventualy earn from this site - miserable. Even after I cleaned and reinstalled Wordpress , made backup of the database - they proceeded to log and get in.  So I transferred everything I had on www.patreon.com/mavis - but kept the domain name which now redirects to my patreon.
1266894_144973267872_n.jpg8.  Of course I've made a lot more sketches - unfinished or in progress of finishing - and I tried to shot and show but this one can be seen on my deviant art profile. http://mavruda.deviantart.com/


So thank you guys for your attention ! ;-)

God bless you all !